path: root/configure
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-07build: move meta-shebang back to `configure`Refael Ackermann
2018-09-07build: rename configure to configure.pyRefael Ackermann
2018-09-04build: enabling pgo at configureOctavian Soldea
2018-08-31build: use `0o` octal notation in configureAnna Henningsen
2018-08-12build: make --shared-[...]-path work on WindowsJeremy Apthorp
2018-07-27build,win,v8: allow precompiling objects-inl.hJoão Reis
2018-07-13build: enabling lto at configureOctavian Soldea
2018-07-11deps: icu 62.1 bump (Unicode 11, CLDR 33.1)Steven R. Loomis
2018-06-29build: remove requirement to re-run ./configureAnna Henningsen
2018-06-27build: speed up startup with V8 code cacheJoyee Cheung
2018-06-27build, win: make LTCG optionalBartosz Sosnowski
2018-06-09build: fix configure script for double-digitsMisty De Meo
2018-06-08build: use LC_ALL of C for maximum compatibilityRich Trott
2018-06-08tools: update tooling to work with new macOS CLI …Rich Trott
2018-06-08build: don't change locale on smartosRefael Ackermann
2018-06-08build: fix 'gas_version' check on localized environmentsEvandro Oliveira
2018-05-31http2: switch to new runtime-controlled debugging systemAnna Henningsen
2018-04-29build: remove --xcode configure switchBen Noordhuis
2018-04-23build: limit assembler version check on x86Shigeki Ohtsu
2018-04-23build: require --openssl-no-asm if old assemblerRod Vagg
2018-04-23build: extract error() function in configureRod Vagg
2018-04-14build: check without_ssl in warn openssl_no_asmDaniel Bevenius
2018-04-11build: add option to build v8 with GNYang Guo
2018-04-10build: add OpenSSL-1.1.0 supportShigeki Ohtsu
2018-04-02deps: ICU 61.1 bumpSteven R. Loomis
2018-03-05lib: add internal check macrosGus Caplan
2018-03-01src: Remove lttng support.Glen Keane
2018-02-04build: allow x86_64 as a dest_cpu alias for x64Rod Vagg
2018-01-19build: remove unused vars from configureBen Noordhuis
2018-01-17deps: ICU 60.2 bumpSteven R. Loomis
2018-01-17build: refine static and shared lib buildYihong Wang
2017-12-10build: allow running configure from any directoryGibson Fahnestock
2017-12-06build: replace runtime flag with compiler optionPeter Marshall
2017-12-05build: add serial commas to messages in configure scriptRich Trott
2017-11-27build: fix bsd build with gccMatheus Marchini
2017-11-20build: Allow linking against an external copy of nghttp2.Ed Schouten
2017-11-18build: minor corrections to configure descriptionsDaniel Bevenius
2017-11-16Revert "build: for --enable-static, run only cctest"Daniel Bevenius
2017-11-10src: add openssl-system-ca-path configure optionDaniel Bevenius
2017-11-09deps: ICU 60 bumpSteven R. Loomis
2017-11-01build,src: Add CloudABI as a POSIX-like runtime environment.Ed Schouten
2017-10-26build: skip bin override on windowsHitesh Kanwathirtha
2017-10-22build: use bin override if no `python` in PATHBradley T. Hughes
2017-10-12build: correct minor typo in lttng help messageDaniel Bevenius
2017-10-08build: allow build with system python 3Emily Marigold Klassen
2017-09-11build: remove unused configuration variableBen Noordhuis
2017-09-07build: display HTTP2 configure --help optionsDaniel Bevenius
2017-08-27doc: update configure to require g++ 4.9.4Dave Olszewski
2017-08-24build: for --enable-static, run only cctestDaniel Bevenius
2017-08-23build: better support for python3 systemsBen Noordhuis