AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-15fs, src, lib: fix `blksize` & `blocks` on WindowsRichard Lau
2019-02-14test: increase coverage for assertion_error.jsRich Trott
2019-02-14test: add arg to narrow http benchmark testRefael Ackermann
2019-02-142018-02-14, Version 11.10.0 (Current)Michaël Zasso
2019-02-14build,win: emit MSBuild summaryRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build,win: always build with PCHRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build,src: add PCH to node.gypiRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build,deps: remove cygwin configuration which is not supportedRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build,deps: use PCH also for v8_initializersRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build,tools: add more headers to V8 PCH fileRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14build: move optimizing link directives to node.exe targetRefael Ackermann
2019-02-14trace_events: fix trace events JS API writingKelvin Jin
2019-02-14meta: moving jasnell temporarily to TSC emeritusjasnell
2019-02-14src: use more stable cast where possibleGireesh Punathil
2019-02-13doc: edit N-API introductory material in Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2019-02-14doc: clarify effect of stream.destroy() on write()Sam Roberts
2019-02-14src: remove redundant cast in node_http2.hgengjiawen
2019-02-14test: replaced anonymous fn with arrow syntaxPushkal B
2019-02-14test: use emitter.listenerCount() in test-http-connectLuigi Pinca
2019-02-14lib: merge 'undefined' into one 'break' branchMaleDong
2019-02-14cluster: migrate round_robin_handle to internal assertRich Trott
2019-02-14assert: add internal Trott
2019-02-13doc: renamed remote's nameThang Tran
2019-02-13worker: set stack size for worker threadsAnna Henningsen
2019-02-13http: improve performance for incoming headersWeijia Wang
2019-02-13os,report: use UV_MAXHOSTNAMESIZEcjihrig
2019-02-13deps: upgrade to libuv 1.26.0cjihrig
2019-02-13lib: simplify 'umask'MaleDong
2019-02-13lib: fix the typo errorMaleDong
2019-02-13tls: renegotiate should take care of its own stateSam Roberts
2019-02-13process: refactor lib/internal/bootstrap/node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13process: use primordials in bootstrap/node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13lib: save a copy of Symbol in primordialsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13process: document the bootstrap process in node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13lib: move per_context.js under lib/internal/bootstrapJoyee Cheung
2019-02-12doc: fix minor typo in dgram.mdDaniel Bevenius
2019-02-12deps: upgrade npm to 6.7.0Kat Marchán
2019-02-12test: refactor two http client timeout testsLuigi Pinca
2019-02-11test: add assert test for position indicatorRich Trott
2019-02-12src: add lock to inspector `MainThreadHandle` dtorAnna Henningsen
2019-02-12domain: avoid circular memory referencesAnna Henningsen
2019-02-12src: add WeakReference utilityAnna Henningsen
2019-02-12doc: fix some nits in perf_hooksVse Mozhet Byt
2019-02-12process: normalize process.execPath in CreateProcessObject()Joyee Cheung
2019-02-12worker: keep stdio after exitAnna Henningsen
2019-02-12report: make more items programmatically accessibleAnna Henningsen
2019-02-11n-api: finalize during second-pass callbackGabriel Schulhof
2019-02-11repl: add repl.setupHistory for programmatic replLance Ball
2019-02-11test: add `Worker` + `--prof` regression testAnna Henningsen
2019-02-11worker: set up child Isolate inside Worker threadAnna Henningsen