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androidbuildadd taler-wallet-androidFlorian Dold4 years
masterFix build instructionsTorsten Grote23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-10-11Fix build instructionsHEADmasterTorsten Grote
2021-09-24added more documentation, fix build-android-node taken the content from the a...Sebastian
2019-12-10android buildFlorian Dold
2019-12-10src: fix the false isatty() issue on IBMiXu Meng
2019-12-10repl: support previews by eager evaluating inputRuben Bridgewater
2019-12-09http: llhttp opt-in insecure HTTP header parsingSam Roberts
2019-12-09fs: reduce unnecessary sync rimraf retriescjihrig
2019-12-09fs: add synchronous retries to rimrafcjihrig
2019-12-08test: scale keepalive timeouts for slow machinesBen Noordhuis
2019-12-08lib: replace Symbol global by the primordials SymbolSebastien Ahkrin