libeufin-tests.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 9 months
docs.gitDocumentation for GNU Taler components, APIs and protocols3 days
help.gitJust a repository to test Buildbot, Gitolite, and Git itself. 16 months
large-media.gitLarge media files, largely user interface design documents/ideas/studies4 weeks
marketing.gitMarketing materials (presentations, posters, flyers) 9 days
www.gitMain Website12 days
android-node-v8.gitFork of Node.JS that build on Android13 days
ios-node-v8.gitFork of Node.JS that build on iOS3 months
node-vendor.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2 months
GNU Anastasis (key escrow and recovery)
anastasis-gtk.gitDemonstrator GUI for Anastasis10 days Website3 weeks
anastasis.gitCredential backup and recovery protocol and service3 days
GNU Taler Core
exchange.gitExchange implementation. 3 days
merchant-backoffice.gitSingle-page Application for administration of the Taler merchant backend3 days
merchant.gitMerchant logic implementation(s) and support code. 3 days
wallet-core.gitGNU Taler wallet core 31 hours
GNU Taler Supplementary Services and Integrations
gnu-taler-payment-for-woocommerce.gitWooCommerce plugin to enable payments with GNU Taler12 months
sync.gitBackup and synchronization service. 5 weeks
taler-mdb.gitSales integration with the Multi-Drop-Bus of Snack machines, NFC readers and QR ...3 months
GNU Taler Wallets (platform-dependent code)
akono.gitAndroid/Kotlin bindings for Node.JS12 days
iono.gitiOS/Swift bindings for Node.JS3 months
taler-android.gitAndroid apps for GNU Taler (wallet, PoS, cashier)12 days
taler-ios.gitiOS apps for GNU Taler (wallet)7 weeks
wallet-kotlin.gitMulti-platform wallet implementation in Kotlin14 months
LibEuFin (integration with banks)
libeufin-deployment.gitDeployment scripts for LibEuFin8 months
libeufin.gitIntegration and sandbox testing for FinTech APIs and data formats22 hours
build-common.gitShared build system code (usually as a git submodule)5 months
deployment.gitDeployment scripts and configuration files for GNU Taler. 2 days
design-common.gitShared design resources
taler-util.gitPython utility library for GNU Taler9 months
twister.gitFault injector for HTTP traffic. 2 months
web-common.gitCommon assets for our websites12 months
bafin.gitSystem documentation for regulators8 months
dold-thesis-phd.gitDold's PhD Thesis about GNU Taler19 months
grid5k.gitScalability experments on grid5k supported by Fed4Fire+3 weeks
papers.gitAcademic manuscripts on Taler. 3 years
WWW Demo Pages and Frontends
auditor.gitPublic Website for an auditor5 months
bank.gitDemo bank that is tightly integrated with Taler5 weeks
buywith.gitPage with shops accepting GNU Taler ( months
taler-merchant-demos.gitPython-based Frontends for the Demonstration Web site8 weeks
ZZZ: Inactive/Deprecated
backoffice.gitWeb application implementing the back-office. 2 years
blog.gitDemonstrative blog shop where articles can be paid with Taler. 15 months
codeless.gitServer to enable Web shops without front-end logic. 3 years
django-payments-taler.gitFork of django-payments (, adding Taler backe...2 years
donations.gitDemonstrative donations shop where people can donate using Taler. 21 months
gnurl.gitFork of curl, renaming to 'gnurl'. Please make sure to run configure with exactl...9 months
landing.gitLanding page for the GNU Taler demos ( months
merchant-frontend-examples.gitCollection of tutorials to integrate Taler into Web shops. 2 years
merchant-terminal-android.gitAndroid app to provide a merchant terminal for sales using Taler. 19 months
saleor-frontend.gitFork of Saleor (, using Taler payments. 3 years