exchange.gitExchange implementation. 29 hours
merchant.gitMerchant logic implementation(s) and support code. 3 days
wallet-webex.gitGNU Taler wallet for WebExtensions compatible browsers 6 weeks
Demo and Frontends
api.gitSphinx documentation of Taler's RESTful API. 3 weeks
backoffice.gitWeb application implementing the back-office. 35 hours
bank.gitCode for a "bank" Web site that is tightly integrated with Taler. 35 hours
donations.gitDemonstrative donations shop where people can donate using Taler. 7 days
landing.gitLanding page for the GNU Taler demos. 5 days
playground.git[no description]7 days
survey.gitDemonstrative survey site that uses Taler to give users tips. 7 days
docs-landing.gitCode for 7 days
help.gitJust a repository to test Buildbot, Gitolite, and Git itself. 7 days
marketing.gitMarketing materials (presentations, posters, flyers) 8 days
papers.gitAcademic manuscripts on Taler. 7 days
www.gitTaler's website. 6 weeks
django-payments-taler.gitFork of django-payments (, adding Taler backe...7 days
gnurl.gitFork of curl, renaming to 'gnurl'. Please make sure to run configure with exactl...7 days
saleor-frontend.gitFork of Saleor (, using Taler payments. 7 days
GSoC 2018
codeless.git[no description]7 days
blog.gitDemonstrative blog shop where articles can be paid with Taler. 7 days
libebics-xmlsec.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 7 days
libebics.git[no description]7 days
merchant-frontend-examples.gitCollection of tutorials to integrate Taler into Web shops. 7 days
mitm.gitImplementation of fault injection logic. 7 days
akono.git[no description]7 days
aqbridge.git[no description]7 days
auditor.gitAuditor Web site to allow adding auditor to the wallet. 3 days
coinselection.git[no description]
copylib.gitContainer of "helper" code which can be copied in other repositories. 7 days
deployment.gitDeployment scripts and configuration files for GNU Taler. 3 days
libtalerutil-emscripten.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 6 weeks
web-common.gitCommon resources shared by Taler web applications. 6 weeks
schemafuzz.git[no description]7 days
twister.gitFault injector for HTTP traffic. 7 days