docs.gitDocumentation for GNU Taler components, APIs and protocols4 days
large-media.gitLarge media files, largely user interface design documents/ideas/studies7 months
marketing.gitMarketing materials (presentations, posters, flyers) 30 hours
taler-systems-www.gitSource code for taler-systems.com3 months
www.gitMain website2 weeks
node-vendor.gitThird-party node packages that we are vendoring21 months
GNU Anastasis (key escrow and recovery)
anastasis-gtk.gitDemonstrator GUI for Anastasis2 weeks Website3 months
anastasis.gitCredential backup and recovery protocol and service2 weeks
GNU Taler Core
exchange.gitExchange implementation. 5 days
merchant.gitMerchant logic implementation(s) and support code. 46 hours
taler-assets.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 months
wallet-core.gitGNU Taler wallet core 2 hours
GNU Taler Supplementary Services and Integrations
challenger.gitOAuth 2.0-based authentication service that validates user can receive messages ...3 weeks
depolymerization.gitwire gateway for Bitcoin/Ethereum4 months
gnu-taler-payment-for-woocommerce.gitWooCommerce plugin to enable payments with GNU Taler3 months
joomla-payage-taler-plugin.gitIntegration of GNU Taler payments into Joomla! e-commerce framework35 hours
mch2022.git(Micro)Python code to run Taler on a (MCH 2022) badge10 months
sync.gitBackup and synchronization service. 2 weeks
taldir.gitDirectory service to resolve wallet mailboxes by messenger addresses10 months
taler-mailbox.gitService for asynchronous wallet-to-wallet payment messages10 months
taler-mdb.gitSales integration with the Multi-Drop-Bus of Snack machines, NFC readers and QR ...4 months
GNU Taler Wallets (platform-dependent code)
taler-android.gitAndroid apps for GNU Taler (wallet, PoS, cashier)9 days
taler-ios.gitiOS apps for GNU Taler (wallet)3 months
LibEuFin (integration with banks)
libeufin-deployment.gitDeployment scripts for LibEuFin2 years
libeufin-tests.gitSample CAMT files for testing libeufin2 years
libeufin.gitIntegration and sandbox testing for FinTech APIs and data formats2 days
build-common.gitShared build system code (usually as a git submodule)7 months
deployment.gitDeployment scripts and configuration files for GNU Taler. 36 hours
design-common.gitShared design resources
quickjs-tart.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 weeks
taler-go.gitUtility functions in Go language10 months
taler-util.gitPython utility library for GNU Taler15 months
twister.gitFault injector for HTTP traffic. 4 months
wallet-testdata.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
web-common.gitCommon assets for our websites3 years
bafin.gitSystem documentation for regulators7 months
dold-thesis-phd.gitDold's PhD Thesis about GNU Taler3 years
grid5k.gitScalability experments on grid5k supported by Fed4Fire+6 weeks
netzbon.gitNetzbon project7 weeks
papers.gitAcademic manuscripts on Taler. 4 years
WWW Demo Pages and Frontends
auditor.gitPublic Website for an auditor24 months
buywith.gitPage with shops accepting GNU Taler ( years
taler-merchant-demos.gitPython-based Frontends for the Demonstration Web site5 weeks
ZZZ: Inactive/Deprecated
akono.gitAndroid/Kotlin bindings for Node.JS20 months
android-node-v8.gitFork of Node.JS that build on Android20 months
backoffice.gitWeb application implementing the back-office. 4 years
bank.gitDemo bank that is tightly integrated with Taler5 weeks
blog.gitDemonstrative blog shop where articles can be paid with Taler. 3 years
codeless.gitServer to enable Web shops without front-end logic. 4 years