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2018-08-12doc: add multiple issue templates for GitHubTobias Nießen
2018-06-13meta: remove CODEOWNERSRich Trott
2018-05-16doc: add .github to CODEOWNERSRich Trott
2018-05-16doc: improve specificity in CODEOWNERSRich Trott
2018-05-16doc: reorder CODEOWNERS fileRich Trott
2018-05-15codeowners: add rule for *.gypi filesBen Noordhuis
2018-05-15codeowners: fix typo in v8-inspector team nameBen Noordhuis
2018-05-12meta: add initial CODEOWNERS fileJames M Snell
2018-03-06doc: remove subsystem from pull request templateRich Trott
2018-01-24doc: split CONTRIBUTING.mdJoyee Cheung
2017-05-05doc: fix commit guideline urlThomas Watson
2017-04-05doc: update pull request template URL layoutRich Trott
2017-03-16doc: linkable commit message guidelinesSam Roberts
2016-12-29meta: modify pull request template for prependingRich Trott
2016-12-18build: change nosign flag to sign and flips logicJoe Doyle
2016-12-09doc: standardizing on make -j4Jonathan Darling
2016-10-19doc: suggest nodejs/help for general supportMyles Borins
2016-09-22doc: standardize on `make -j8`Rich Trott
2016-06-27doc: minor rewording to the GitHub issue/pr templatesJeremiah Senkpiel
2016-06-10doc: make pull request template more conciseRich Trott
2016-06-06doc: consolidate test/lint text in GH PR templateRich Trott
2016-06-01doc: edit pull request templateRich Trott
2016-05-19doc: reduce GitHub template verbosityRich Trott
2016-05-16doc: trim GitHub template commentsRich Trott
2016-04-06doc: improve github templates by using commentsJohan Bergström
2016-02-23github: put description of PR to the end of tmplFedor Indutny
2016-02-23github: add issue and pull request templatesFedor Indutny