path: root/src/node_crypto.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-07src: don't use deprecated OpenSSL APIsRosen Penev
2019-11-30crypto: automatically manage memory for ECDSA_SIGTobias Nießen
2019-11-30src: inline SetSNICallbackAnna Henningsen
2019-11-30src: use BaseObjectPtr to store SNI contextAnna Henningsen
2019-11-30tls: add memory tracking support to SSLWrapAnna Henningsen
2019-11-20crypto: add support for IEEE-P1363 DSA signaturesTobias Nießen
2019-10-16crypto: add Hash.prototype.copy() methodBen Noordhuis
2019-09-27tls: add option for private keys for OpenSSL enginesAnton Gerasimov
2019-09-23tls: add option to override signature algorithmsAnton Gerasimov
2019-09-13crypto: add oaepLabel optionTobias Nießen
2019-08-29crypto: don't expose openssl internalsShelley Vohr
2019-08-07crypto: extend RSA-OAEP support with oaepHashTobias Nießen
2019-07-25crypto: add outputLength option to crypto.createHashTobias Nießen
2019-06-18crypto: fix crash when calling digest after pipingTobias Nießen
2019-06-10src: remove TLS code for unsupported OpenSSLsSam Roberts
2019-05-15tls: expose keylog event on TLSSocketAlba Mendez
2019-04-30src: prefer v8::Global over node::PersistentAnna Henningsen
2019-04-08crypto: add support for RSA-PSS keysTobias Nießen
2019-04-01src: remove internal includes from node_crypto.hSam Roberts
2019-04-01crypto: don't crash on unknown asymmetricKeyTypeFilip Skokan
2019-03-20tls: support TLSv1.3Sam Roberts
2019-03-18src: use EVPKeyPointer in more placesBen Noordhuis
2019-03-18tls: return correct version from getCipher()Sam Roberts
2019-03-17src: inline macro DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGNgengjiawen
2019-03-15Revert "crypto: add KeyObject.asymmetricKeySize"Tobias Nießen
2019-03-07crypto: add KeyObject.asymmetricKeySizePatrick Gansterer
2019-03-01src: allow not materializing ArrayBuffers from C++Anna Henningsen
2019-02-27src: remove unimplemented method in class SSLWrapgengjiawen
2019-02-25src: allocate Buffer memory using ArrayBuffer allocatorAnna Henningsen
2019-02-23crypto: fix unencrypted DER PKCS8 parsingTobias Nießen
2019-01-29src: pass along errors from KeyObject instantiationAnna Henningsen
2019-01-29src: in-source comments and minor TLS cleanupsSam Roberts
2018-12-24crypto: add key object APITobias Nießen
2018-12-21src: move GetOpenSSLVersion into node_metadata.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-12-07src: remove finalized_ member from Hash classDaniel Bevenius
2018-11-20tls: include elliptic curve X.509 public key infoSam Roberts
2018-11-13tls: get the local certificate after tls handshakeSam Roberts
2018-10-21src: use more explicit return type in Sign::SignFinal()Anna Henningsen
2018-10-20crypto: remove DiffieHellman.initialised_Tobias Nießen
2018-10-20crypto: reduce memory usage of SignFinalTobias Nießen
2018-10-11src: improve SSL version extraction logicGireesh Punathil
2018-10-11src: revert removal of SecureContext `_external` getterVitaly Dyatlov
2018-10-08crypto: remove node::crypto::CheckResultTobias Nießen
2018-10-04src: name EmbededderGraph edges and use class names for nodesJoyee Cheung
2018-09-26crypto: deduplicate cipher initialization codeTobias Nießen
2018-09-18crypto: fix edge case in authenticated encryptionTobias Nießen
2018-09-02crypto: improve setAuthTagTobias Nießen
2018-09-02src: fix external memory usage going negativeMathias Buus
2018-08-12src: avoid possible race during NodeBIO initializationAnna Henningsen
2018-07-27src: add proper MemoryInfoName to wrappersJoyee Cheung