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2019-12-03worker: add argv constructor optionlegendecas
2019-12-03tls: expose IETF name for current cipher suiteSam Roberts
2019-12-03doc: Buffer.toString(): add note about invalid dataJan-Philip Gehrcke
2019-12-03doc: clarify text about using 'session' event for compatibilityRich Trott
2019-12-032019-12-03, Version 13.3.0 (Current)Ruben Bridgewater
2019-12-03events: add captureRejection optionMatteo Collina
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2019-12-02doc: update signature algorithm in release docMyles Borins
2019-12-01doc: update socket.bufferSize textRich Trott
2019-12-01tls: introduce ERR_TLS_INVALID_CONTEXTRich Trott
2019-12-01http: make maximum header size configurable per-stream or per-serverAnna Henningsen
2019-11-30doc: note that buf.buffer's contents might differAJ Jordan
2019-11-30doc: clarify IncomingMessage.destroy() descriptionSam Foxman
2019-11-30doc: fixed a typo in process.mdHarendra Singh
2019-11-30wasi: introduce initial WASI supportcjihrig
2019-11-30doc,n-api: mark napi_detach_arraybuffer as experimentallegendecas
2019-11-30benchmark,doc,lib,test: prepare for padding lint ruleRich Trott
2019-11-30doc: add missing 'added' versions to module.builtinModulesThomas Watson
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2019-11-30doc: avoid proposal syntax in code exampleAlex Zherdev
2019-11-30doc: revise socket.connect() noteRich Trott
2019-11-29child_process: document kill() return valuecjihrig
2019-11-28n-api: implement napi_is_detached_arraybufferDenys Otrishko
2019-11-28http2: make maximum tolerated rejected streams configurableDenys Otrishko
2019-11-28http2: allow to configure maximum tolerated invalid framesDenys Otrishko
2019-11-28crypto: forbid setting the PBKDF2 iter count to 0Tobias Nie├čen
2019-11-27fs: add ENFILE to rimraf retry logiccjihrig
2019-11-27fs: add retryDelay option to rimrafcjihrig
2019-11-27fs: remove rimraf's emfileWait optioncjihrig
2019-11-27fs: make rimraf default to 0 retriescjihrig
2019-11-27fs: rename rimraf's maxBusyTries to maxRetriescjihrig
2019-11-28doc: remove "this API is unstable" note for v8 serdes APIbruce-one
2019-11-28doc: fixup incorrect flag name referenceGuy Bedford
2019-11-27doc: minor updates to releases.mdBeth Griggs
2019-11-27doc,deps: document how to maintain ICU in Node.jsSteven R. Loomis
2019-11-25doc: add note of caution about non-conforming streamsRobert Nagy
2019-11-25doc: add note about debugging worker_threadsDenys Otrishko
2019-11-22src,doc: add C++ internals documentationAnna Henningsen
2019-11-22doc: simplify "is recommended" language in assert documentationRich Trott
2019-11-22doc: fix a typo in a date for version 13.2.0Kirlat
2019-11-212019-11-21, Version 13.2.0 (Current)Myles Borins