AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-05doc,benchmark: move benchmark guide to benchmark directoryRich Trott
2019-12-05doc: improve napi formattingRuben Bridgewater
2019-12-05lib: delay access to CLI option to pre-executionJoyee Cheung
2019-12-05test: use callback arguments in getconnections testRich Trott
2019-12-05doc: add documentation about node_mksnapshot and mkcodecacheJoyee Cheung
2019-12-05module: fixup lint and test regressionsGuy Bedford
2019-12-04module: ignore resolution failures for inspect-brkMaël Nison
2019-12-04lib,test: improves ERR_REQUIRE_ESM messageJuan José Arboleda
2019-12-04test: improve wasi test coverageRich Trott
2019-12-04test: simplify tmpdir import in wasi testsRich Trott
2019-12-04doc: remove imprecise and redundant testing textRich Trott
2019-12-04module: add warnings for experimental flagsRongjian Zhang
2019-12-04test: remove duplicate entries from root.statusRichard Lau
2019-12-04esm: make specifier flag clearly experimentalMyles Borins
2019-12-04tools: update ESLint to 6.7.2Rich Trott
2019-12-04test: increase debugging information in subprocess testRich Trott
2019-12-04inspector: do not access queueMicrotask from globalMichaël Zasso
2019-12-03doc: remove usage of "Node" in favor of "Node.js"Rich Trott
2019-12-03doc: revise addons introduction for brevity and clarityRich Trott
2019-12-04doc: fix up N-API docNickNaso
2019-12-03http: remove unused hasItems() from freelistRich Trott
2019-12-03doc: adds assert doc for strict mode with pointer to strict equalityShobhit Chittora
2019-12-03fs: fix existsSync for invalid symlink at win32Rongjian Zhang
2019-12-03worker: add argv constructor optionlegendecas
2019-12-03tls: expose IETF name for current cipher suiteSam Roberts
2019-12-03doc: Buffer.toString(): add note about invalid dataJan-Philip Gehrcke
2019-12-03doc: clarify text about using 'session' event for compatibilityRich Trott
2019-12-03src: delete redundant method in node_dir.hgengjiawen
2019-12-03src: remove redundant cast in node_dir.ccgengjiawen
2019-12-03src: improve memory allocationPriyanka Kore
2019-12-03src: fix memory allocationPriyanka Kore
2019-12-032019-12-03, Version 13.3.0 (Current)Ruben Bridgewater
2019-12-03test: use block-scoping in test-net-server-addressRich Trott
2019-12-03doc: update status of Python 3 supportMichael Dawson
2019-12-03test: move test-child-process-fork-getconnections to parallelRich Trott
2019-12-03test: change common.PORT to arbitrary portRich Trott
2019-12-03http2: implement capture rection for 'request' and 'stream' eventsMatteo Collina
2019-12-03tls: implement capture rejections for 'secureConnection' eventMatteo Collina
2019-12-03net: implement capture rejections for 'connection' eventMatteo Collina
2019-12-03http: add captureRejection support to OutgoingMessageMatteo Collina
2019-12-03http: implement capture rejections for 'request' eventMatteo Collina
2019-12-03stream: add support for captureRejection optionMatteo Collina
2019-12-03events: add captureRejection optionMatteo Collina
2019-12-03build: do not build mksnapshot and mkcodecache for --sharedJoyee Cheung
2019-12-03build: add --without-node-code-cache configure optionJoyee Cheung
2019-12-02test: add coverage for ERR_TLS_INVALID_PROTOCOL_VERSIONRich Trott
2019-12-02test: add an indicator `isIBMi`Xu Meng
2019-12-02build,win: propagate error codes in vcbuildJoão Reis
2019-12-02build,win: add test-ci-native and test-ci-jsJoão Reis
2019-12-02doc: fix typographical errorRich Trott