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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-15build: add .DS_store to .gitgnoreMarcos Frony
2018-10-04build: cleanup in .gitignoreRefael Ackermann
2018-09-11tools: use lint-md.jsRefael Ackermann
2018-08-25tools: add missing package-lock to clang-formatMichaël Zasso
2018-08-03tools: add `make format-cpp` to run clang-format on C++ diffsJoyee Cheung
2018-07-25tools: produce JSON documentation using unified/remark/rehypeSam Ruby
2018-06-29build: remove requirement to re-run ./configureAnna Henningsen
2018-06-24test: remove outdated, non-functioning testAnatoli Papirovski
2018-06-08build: initial .travis.yml implementationAnna Henningsen
2018-05-10tools: ignore VS compiler outputYulong Wang
2018-04-27doc: remove eu-strip from tarballjvelezpo
2018-02-24tools: ignore VS compiler output in deps/v8Michaël Zasso
2018-02-20lint: move eslint to new plugin systemGus Caplan
2018-01-25Revert "build,test: make building addon tests less fragile"Rod Vagg
2018-01-21build,test: make building addon tests less fragileBen Noordhuis
2018-01-11tools: move eslint from tools to tools/node_modulesMichaël Zasso
2018-01-09tools: do not override V8's gitignoreYang Guo
2017-12-31gitignore: ignore *.VC.db filesTobias Nießen
2017-11-22test: keep coverage reports after coverage-cleanAnatoli Papirovski
2017-11-14tools: speed up lint-md-buildRefael Ackermann
2017-10-25build: add lint-md-buildDaijiro Wachi
2017-09-28tools, build: refactor macOS installerJP Wesselink
2017-09-08test: exclude write-coverage from coverage reportBenjamin Coe
2017-06-07gitignore: add libuv book and GitHub templatecjihrig
2017-05-27build: ignore more VC++ artifactsRefael Ackermann
2017-05-02tools: ignore node_trace.*.logDaijiro Wachi
2017-03-31tools: update dotfile whitelist in .gitignoreMichaël Zasso
2016-12-04meta: whitelist dotfiles in .gitignoreClaudio Rodriguez
2016-11-10gitignore: ignore all tap filesJohan Bergström
2016-08-30tools: enable caching for jslint taskRich Trott
2016-08-05tools: add .vscode folder to .gitignoreJosh Gavant
2016-04-18gitignore: adding .vs/ directory to .gitignoreMike Kaufman
2016-04-18gitignore: ignore VS 2015 *.VC.opendb filesMike Kaufman
2016-03-29etw,build: always generate .rc and .h filesJoão Reis
2016-01-14test: use block headings as test dir namesRod Vagg
2016-01-13gitignore: never ignore debug moduleMichaël Zasso
2015-12-03crypto: fix native module compilation with FIPSStefan Budeanu
2015-11-02gitignore: don't ignore 'debug' in deps/npmRebecca Turner
2015-10-14gitignore: don't ignore debug source directory in V8Michaël Zasso
2015-09-24deps: remove and gitignore .bin directoryBen Noordhuis
2015-08-23node: rename from io.js to nodecjihrig
2015-06-05gitignore: don't ignore the debug npm moduleKat Marchán
2015-04-30gitignore: ignore xcode workspaces and projectsRoman Klauke
2015-04-04build: default to armv7+vfpv3 for androidGiovanny Andres Gongora Granada
2015-03-04build: remove tools/wrk from the treeJohan Bergström
2015-02-24build: make test-ci output TAP to stdout and logRod Vagg
2015-01-27win,msi: broadcast WM_SETTINGCHANGE after installMathias Küsel
2015-01-16build: add new installer config for OS XRod Vagg
2015-01-13build: create smaller build artifactsJohan Bergström
2015-01-10src: remove icu_configTrevor Norris