path: root/packages/taler-wallet-core/src
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 days-fully removeFlorian Dold
2 dayswallet-core: remove waiting-for-retry and some other notifications that we do...Florian Dold
2 dayswallet-core: fix tipping state machine issuesFlorian Dold
5 dayswallet-core: report possible actions in transactions listFlorian Dold
5 daysfinish implementation of abort / cancelAborting on all tx typesFlorian Dold
5 days-type errorFlorian Dold
5 dayswallet-core: add missing resume/suspend implementationsFlorian Dold
5 dayswallet-core: missing suspended statesFlorian Dold
9 dayswallet-core: fix withdrawal abortFlorian Dold
9 daystaler-util,wallet-core: make AbsoluteTime opaqueFlorian Dold
9 daystaler-util,wallet-core: implement TalerPreciseTimestampFlorian Dold
9 days-organize importsFlorian Dold
9 dayswallet-core: dispatch cancelAborting for withdrawalFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: move deposit transaction deletionFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: implement cancelAbortingTransaction for deposit groupsFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: fix issues with aborting depositsFlorian Dold
10 days-fix methodFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: implement request to return sample transactionsFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: return transactionId whenever a transaction is createdFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: add pay-merchant suspended statesFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: more notificationsFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: DD37 fixes and FIXME comments for merchant paymentsFlorian Dold
11 days-commentFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: use/allow txids as tombstoneFlorian Dold
11 days-typeFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: implement deletion for new refund implementationFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: remove legacy non-DD37 tx status fieldsFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: fix getTransactionById for refundsFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: remove deprecated txid parsingFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: report number of coins in withdrawal detailsFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: use division for withdrawal coin selectionFlorian Dold
11 dayswallet-core: logging to diagnose perf/hang issueFlorian Dold
13 daysnominal typing for taskId, also fixing transactionId referenceSebastian
2023-05-16wallet-core: return purchase information in refund if availableFlorian Dold
2023-05-16-fix minor state nameFlorian Dold
2023-05-11wallet-core: remove legacy operation namesFlorian Dold
2023-05-11-optionalFlorian Dold
2023-05-11wallet-core: iban workaroundFlorian Dold
2023-05-10wallet-core: return txid when starting refund via URIFlorian Dold
2023-05-07-spelling consistency0.9.3-dev.12Florian Dold
2023-05-07-test fixesFlorian Dold
2023-05-07wallet-core: refund DD37 refactoringFlorian Dold
2023-05-05wallet-core: remove allowed auditors from contract termsFlorian Dold
2023-05-05DD37 wipFlorian Dold
2023-05-03wallet-core: support new exchange wire account signatureFlorian Dold
2023-05-02wallet-core: report pay-merchant DD37 stateFlorian Dold
2023-05-02-withdrawal notificationsFlorian Dold
2023-05-02wallet-core: implement withdrawal tx transitionsFlorian Dold
2023-04-25wallet-core: adjust to breaking merchant API changeFlorian Dold
2023-04-25-DD37 wipFlorian Dold