AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysAdapt euFin tests to Demobank model.HEADmasterms
4 dayssome storybook exmaplesSebastian
5 daysanastasis: make recovery work, at least for security questionsFlorian Dold
5 daysreducer WIP, user error boundaries in UIFlorian Dold
6 dayswallet-cli: run benchmark in a loopFlorian Dold
6 dayswallet-cli: benchmarkingFlorian Dold
6 daysanastasis-core: fix recovery document generationFlorian Dold
6 daysanastasis-core: compatible secret uploadFlorian Dold
7 daysanastasis-core: question hashing and policy expirationFlorian Dold
7 daysfixed missing stylesSebastian
7 daysanastasis-core: crypto tests and fixesFlorian Dold
7 daysanastasis-core: crypto fixesFlorian Dold
7 daysfix some building errorsSebastian
7 daysadd template from merchant backofficeSebastian
8 daysmove some more crypto to taler-util packageFlorian Dold
8 daysmove declarations into anastasis-coreFlorian Dold
8 daysreducer implementation WIPFlorian Dold
11 daysbump manifestFlorian Dold
11 daysanastasis-webui: prevent webpack warningFlorian Dold
11 daysFix key-rotation test
11 daysNot tolerating != 200 responses during (libEufin)
11 daysPass Sandbox credentials to the CLI's
11 daysshow summary on the history pageSebastian
11 daysapplying some comments from belenSebastian
12 daysshow reducer network errorsFlorian Dold
12 dayswe do not use SWsFlorian Dold
12 daysanastasis-webui: implement more challenge typesFlorian Dold
12 daysimplement fakebank withdrawalFlorian Dold
13 daysanastasis-webui: auto-focusFlorian Dold
13 dayscommon anstasis frameFlorian Dold
13 daysfixing tos requestSebastian
13 daysfix cta navbar and added an withdrawal button when the wallet didnt find a to...Sebastian
13 daysfix tests and added addExchangeSebastian
13 daysfix FTBFSFlorian Dold
13 daysanastasis-webui: more auth typesFlorian Dold
13 daysdepsFlorian Dold
13 daysanastasis-webui: finish backup flowFlorian Dold
14 daysadded example of withdrawal use casesSebastian
2021-10-11fixing withdrawal processSebastian
2021-10-11fix browser packagingSebastian
2021-10-11anastasis-webui: first commitFlorian Dold
2021-10-07anastasis: implement user id derivationFlorian Dold
2021-10-07add anastasis skeleton, put crypto in taler-utilFlorian Dold
2021-10-02Testing euFin 'bad gateway'
2021-10-01FIX: skip checking noncePriv eq if the URI doesn't specify a noncePriv valueSebastian
2021-10-01add error messageSebastian
2021-10-01testing 404 from Sandboxms
2021-09-27some ui fixing from belen commentsSebastian
2021-09-20manual withdrawal processSebastian
2021-09-20handle more cases in the pay usa caseSebastian