AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
16 hoursfix: username regex and error message word-breakHEADmasterSebastian
16 hoursprettySebastian
16 hoursmissing changesSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: user logger instead of console.logSebastian
19 hoursfeature: useLocalStorage also update when the localStorage has been updated f...Sebastian
19 hoursno-fix: remove 'any' and login status is taken from backendSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: remove unusedSebastian
19 hoursfix jsx configSebastian
19 hoursfix: updating the title is better that location.hashSebastian
19 hoursalso listen for tab title changeSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: moved out AccountPageSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: removing unused showPublicHistoriesSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: moving out registration pageSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: moving out public histories pageSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: move out routingSebastian
19 hoursfix: show error message on login and registration form, prevent saving passwo...Sebastian
19 hoursfix: better loading page while waiting for server responseSebastian
19 hoursfix: empty form should not allow the "send" buttonSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: move out useBackend hookSebastian
19 hoursfix: remove red style when input is invalidSebastian
19 hoursno-fix: move pagestate provider to app component and move some common hooks t...Sebastian
19 hoursprettySebastian
23 hourswallet: add 'env-full' test environment with merchantFlorian Dold
43 hourswallet: fix p2p coin selectionFlorian Dold
43 hourswallet: use native crypto if availableFlorian Dold
43 hoursfix typoSebastian
43 hoursrun build on prepare and prettySebastian
43 hoursmissing update in the lock fileSebastian
47 hoursupdate package lock for dependecies updateSebastian
47 hoursimplement web-utils in web-extensionSebastian
47 hoursusing web-utils in merchant-backoffice (not yet completed)Sebastian
47 hoursusing web-utils in demobankSebastian
47 hoursusing web-utils in anastasis-webuiSebastian
2 daysweb-util: utils for developing webappsSebastian
10 daysfix #7497Sebastian
10 daysfix #7496 with unit testsSebastian
13 daysrevert the Lost payment resultSebastian
13 daysfix: ageRestriction option was missingSebastian
13 daysfix 7465Sebastian
2022-11-22amount fieldSebastian
2022-11-22fixing import db when pkey is numberSebastian
2022-11-22Merge branch 'master' of
2022-11-21-typoChristian Grothoff
2022-11-18fix #7470Sebastian
2022-11-18fix #7469: also remove hasInfo hasError and use the present of value insteadSebastian
2022-11-18fix #7457Sebastian
2022-11-18pending #7468Sebastian
2022-11-18fix #7394Sebastian
2022-11-17fix #7477Sebastian
2022-11-16fix #7411, also making the backup payment visibleSebastian