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dev/sebasjm/mainnew strings in .po-filesMS20 months
masterdocs: 🧑‍💻 Mention where the bank livesng6 days
v0.8.1-dev.3taler-merchant-demos-0.8.1-dev.3.tar.gz  taler-merchant-demos-0.8.1-dev.3.tar.bz2  MS20 months
v0.8.1-dev.2taler-merchant-demos-0.8.1-dev.2.tar.gz  taler-merchant-demos-0.8.1-dev.2.tar.bz2  MS20 months
v0.8.1-dev.1taler-merchant-demos-0.8.1-dev.1.tar.gz  taler-merchant-demos-0.8.1-dev.1.tar.bz2  Christian Grothoff21 months
v0.8.0-dev.2taler-merchant-demos-0.8.0-dev.2.tar.gz  taler-merchant-demos-0.8.0-dev.2.tar.bz2  Christian Grothoff24 months
v0.8.0-dev.1taler-merchant-demos-0.8.0-dev.1.tar.gz  taler-merchant-demos-0.8.0-dev.1.tar.bz2  Florian Dold2 years
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6 daysdocs: 🧑‍💻 Mention where the bank livesHEADmasterng
6 daysfix: 🐛 Fix contrast with buttons dying on dark themeng
7 daysfix: ✏️ Fix a typong
7 daysfeat: 💄 Migrate license info to css-shown-popupng
7 daysfeat: ✨ Add a shopping cart icon to the pay buttonng
7 daysadd iconsChristian Grothoff
7 daysfix: 🐛 Content should no longer shift on button hoverng
7 dayschore: add EOF newlineng
7 daysfix: :lipstick: Use regular :rootng
7 days-fix language switcherChristian Grothoff