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6 days[wallet] update libsHEADmasterTorsten Grote
6 days[wallet] Add confirmation dialog for DB import and i18nize some stringsIván Ávalos
6 days[wallet] Proper DB import/export functionalityIván Ávalos
6 days[wallet] Show KYC notice in transaction list, and don't render fees when zeroIván Ávalos
9 daysTranslated using Weblate (German)Stefan Kügel
9 daysTranslated using Weblate (French)Stefan Kügel
2023-11-16Translated using Weblate (Spanish)Iván Ávalos
2023-11-11Translated using Weblate (Spanish)Iván Ávalos
2023-11-10Translated using Weblate (Spanish)April Espindola
2023-11-10Translated using Weblate (Spanish)Iván Ávalos
2023-11-09Translated using Weblate (Spanish)Stefan Kügel
2023-11-09Translated using Weblate (Spanish)Javier Sepulveda
2023-11-07[wallet] release 0.9.3+p10wallet-0.9.3+p10Torsten Grote
2023-11-07[wallet] Translate manual withdrawal to DD37Iván Ávalos
2023-11-07[wallet] Upgrade KYC to new APIIván Ávalos
2023-11-02[wallet] remove empty Dutch translationTorsten Grote
2023-11-02[wallet] Update refunds to new APIIván Ávalos
2023-10-25[wallet] release 0.9.3+p9wallet-0.9.3+p9Torsten Grote
2023-10-25[wallet] Make more TextFields singleLineTorsten Grote
2023-10-25[wallet] Don't allow zero amount for p2p transactionsIván Ávalos
2023-10-25[wallet] Refactor wire transfer and remove BIC/SWIFT fieldIván Ávalos
2023-10-25[wallet] Make keyboard resize views and make manual withdraw scrollableIván Ávalos
2023-10-25[wallet] Remove deprecated ExperimentalMaterial3Api decoratorsIván Ávalos
2023-10-25[wallet] Remove "Warning:" from push payment screenTorsten Grote
2023-10-25[wallet] update wallet-core to dev.34Torsten Grote
2023-10-17Translated using Weblate (Catalan)Gabriel
2023-10-17Translated using Weblate (Catalan)Gabriel
2023-10-17[wallet] update wallet-core to dev.33Torsten Grote
2023-10-11upgrade all the things!Torsten Grote
2023-10-11[wallet] release 0.9.3+p8wallet-0.9.3+p8Torsten Grote
2023-10-11[wallet] upgrade wallet-core to dev.25Torsten Grote
2023-10-10[wallet] Trim text in URI input fragmentIván Ávalos
2023-10-10[wallet] Fix P2P payments (API changes)Iván Ávalos
2023-10-10[wallet] Prevent user from interacting with non-contacted exchangesIván Ávalos
2023-10-10[wallet] Fix extension and MIME type of exported database (JSON -> SQLite3)Iván Ávalos
2023-09-27[wallet] release 0.9.3+p7wallet-0.9.3+p7Torsten Grote
2023-09-27[wallet] products in TransactionInfo seem to be optional nowTorsten Grote
2023-09-27[wallet] Fix back navigation crash due to duplicated core instanceTorsten Grote
2023-09-27[wallet] Make title of PromptPaymentFragment translatableTorsten Grote
2023-09-26[wallet] another NetworkManager fixTorsten Grote
2023-09-26[wallet] upgrade to qtart 0.9.3-dev.16Torsten Grote
2023-09-26[wallet] Fix back navigation after template prompt.Iván Ávalos
2023-09-26[wallet] simplify pay templatesTorsten Grote
2023-09-26[wallet] simplify AmountInputFieldTorsten Grote
2023-09-26[wallet] fix: AmountInputField reacts to external changesIván Ávalos
2023-09-26[wallet] Improved AmountInputField with a VisualTransformationIván Ávalos
2023-09-26[wallet] Support 0.x fractions in AmountInputFieldIván Ávalos
2023-09-26[wallet] Refactor amount input into single composableIván Ávalos
2023-09-26[wallet] fixes for templates parsing and UIIván Ávalos
2023-09-26[wallet] Additional refactoring of pay templatesIván Ávalos