AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-14[cashier] change bank register URLHEADmasterTorsten Grote
2022-11-04[wallet] Include error message when listExchanges failsTorsten Grote
2022-11-04[wallet] Release v0.9.0wallet-v0.9.0Torsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Release v0.9.0-dev.33wallet-v0.9.0-dev.33Torsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Show more deposit info in transaction list itemTorsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Improve flow for making a bank depositTorsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Upgrade to v0.9.0-dev.33Torsten Grote
2022-11-02[wallet] Open payto:// URIs and hook into deposit to bank account flowTorsten Grote
2022-11-01[wallet] Allow exporting the entire DBTorsten Grote
2022-11-01[wallet] Upgrade more libraries to fix lint checksTorsten Grote
2022-11-01[wallet] Upgrade libraries (untested because demo is down again)Torsten Grote
2022-10-27[wallet] Check for sufficient balance when sending fundsTorsten Grote
2022-10-27[wallet] Implement making deposits (not fully functional)Torsten Grote
2022-10-26[wallet] Remove old anastasis prototypeTorsten Grote
2022-10-26[wallet] Add an AccountManager for managing bank accountsTorsten Grote
2022-10-24[wallet] change subject to message in manual withdrawal URITorsten Grote
2022-10-24[wallet] allow peer pull payment even when no balanceTorsten Grote
2022-10-19[wallet] remove space from amount sign, so screen readers pick it upTorsten Grote
2022-10-17adding summary to the invoice descriptionSebastian
2022-10-17[wallet] use new name of preparePayForUri wallet-core APIFlorian Dold
2022-10-10[wallet] bump wallet core version and version codeFlorian Dold
2022-10-08Translated using Weblate (German)Stefan Kügel
2022-10-08Translated using Weblate (German)Stefan Kügel
2022-09-27[wallet] re-implement log exportTorsten Grote
2022-09-26[wallet] bump version codeFlorian Dold
2022-09-26[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.25Florian Dold
2022-09-23[wallet] Update to v0.9.0-dev.24Torsten Grote
2022-09-23[wallet] Implement beginning of depositsTorsten Grote
2022-09-23[wallet] Support uppercase URIsTorsten Grote
2022-09-23[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.23Florian Dold
2022-09-23[wallet] Upgrade wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.22Florian Dold
2022-09-20[wallet] Bump version code again, because someone has used the last one alrea...Torsten Grote
2022-09-20[wallet] Release v0.9.0-dev.16wallet-v0.9.0-dev.16Torsten Grote
2022-09-20Use fdroidserver master for nightly publishingTorsten Grote
2022-09-13[common] Add test for small bitcoin amountsTorsten Grote
2022-09-13[wallet] Don't crash when there's no subject in the payto:// URI for manual w...Torsten Grote
2022-09-13[wallet] Simplify Bitcoin withdrawal screenTorsten Grote
2022-09-13[cashier] Release v0.2cashier-0.2Torsten Grote
2022-09-13[cashier] disable timeout when showing QR codeTorsten Grote
2022-09-13[cashier] exclude encrypted settings from backupTorsten Grote
2022-09-07[wallet] implement prototype for handling incoming pay-pull URITorsten Grote
2022-09-07[wallet] implement prototype for handling incoming pay-push URITorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] implement prototype for outgoing peer transactionsTorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] Improve rendering of transaction list error messageTorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] Upgrade to core v0.9.0-dev.16Torsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Fix lint errorTorsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Clean up manual withdrawal code a bitTorsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Move balance down in transaction listTorsten Grote
2022-08-17Upgrade librariesTorsten Grote
2022-08-17[wallet] Scan QR codes in mixed modeTorsten Grote