AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
4 days[wallet] re-implement log exportHEADmasterTorsten Grote
very simple, just export to file for now
5 days[wallet] bump version codeFlorian Dold
5 days[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.25Florian Dold
8 days[wallet] Update to v0.9.0-dev.24Torsten Grote
8 days[wallet] Implement beginning of depositsTorsten Grote
8 days[wallet] Support uppercase URIsTorsten Grote
8 days[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.23Florian Dold
9 days[wallet] Upgrade wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.22Florian Dold
11 days[wallet] Bump version code again, because someone has used the last one ↵Torsten Grote
already without committing it to git
11 days[wallet] Release v0.9.0-dev.16wallet-v0.9.0-dev.16Torsten Grote
11 daysUse fdroidserver master for nightly publishingTorsten Grote
to fix wallet install bug
2022-09-13[common] Add test for small bitcoin amountsTorsten Grote
2022-09-13[wallet] Don't crash when there's no subject in the payto:// URI for manual ↵Torsten Grote
2022-09-13[wallet] Simplify Bitcoin withdrawal screenTorsten Grote
2022-09-13[cashier] Release v0.2cashier-0.2Torsten Grote
2022-09-13[cashier] disable timeout when showing QR codeTorsten Grote
There's no need for a timeout. The withdrawal gets aborted when the user navigates away.
2022-09-13[cashier] exclude encrypted settings from backupTorsten Grote
otherwise the app crashes when it can't decrypt
2022-09-07[wallet] implement prototype for handling incoming pay-pull URITorsten Grote
2022-09-07[wallet] implement prototype for handling incoming pay-push URITorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] implement prototype for outgoing peer transactionsTorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] Improve rendering of transaction list error messageTorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] Upgrade to core v0.9.0-dev.16Torsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Fix lint errorTorsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Clean up manual withdrawal code a bitTorsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Move balance down in transaction listTorsten Grote
and show new buttons for sending/receiving (not functional yet)
2022-08-17Upgrade librariesTorsten Grote
2022-08-17[wallet] Scan QR codes in mixed modeTorsten Grote
so we can scan inverted codes as well
2022-08-17[wallet] Add ability to cancel/delete transactionsTorsten Grote
2022-08-17[wallet] Use global navigation to handle Taler URIsTorsten Grote
so it works from whichever fragment we are currently in
2022-08-17[wallet] Show FAB also in transaction list when having more than one currencyTorsten Grote
2022-08-17[wallet] upgrade core to v0.9.0-dev.12Torsten Grote
2022-07-14[cashier] show error message when bank is reporting mismatching currenciesTorsten Grote
2022-07-06Add package name for cashier and merchant-terminal as wellTorsten Grote
should fix nightly builds
2022-07-06[cashier] backport fix for nightly buildsTorsten Grote
2022-07-06support http when scanning a qr codeSebastian
2022-07-04[wallet] fix packageName for flavorsTorsten Grote
The applicationIdSuffix used for flavors otherwise gets appended to the internal package names as well causing activities not to be found, because it looks in a wrong package.
2022-07-01accept tipsSebastian
2022-07-01[cashier] use different demo bank by defaultTorsten Grote
2022-07-01Remove multi-platform module as this doesn't seem to be desired anymoreTorsten Grote
2022-07-01[cashier] use error bottom sheet for config errorsTorsten Grote
2022-07-01Allow cleartext traffic to for debug buildsTorsten Grote
2022-06-30Fix wallet build by upgrading Kotlin/composeTorsten Grote
2022-06-30Fix TalerUtils compile errorTorsten Grote
2022-06-20upgrade lint-rules to fix crash that Florian was getting locallyTorsten Grote
2022-06-20Fix lint and CI issuesTorsten Grote
Note that I only fixes the most grave things that made things fail. I didn't address all issues introduces lately nor making sure the targetSdk bump to 32 has no unintented side-effects.
2022-06-15accept decimal and bitcoin exchangesSebastian
2022-06-08cashier: allow bank over HTTP (debug)MS
2022-06-07cashier: default bank URLMS
2022-06-07cashier: default bank URLMS
2022-06-07cashier: adapt URLs to euFin SandboxMS