AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
6 days[wallet] some fixes for NetworkManagerHEADmasterdev/ivan-avalos/masterTorsten Grote
6 days[wallet] simplify state exposed by NetworkManagerTorsten Grote
6 days[wallet] Add offline bannerIván Ávalos
2023-09-08[merchant-terminal] Refactor backend version to BuildConfig and bump to 5:0:1Iván Ávalos
2023-09-05[wallet] show p2p QR codes until tx readyIván Ávalos
bug 0007933
2023-09-05[wallet] skip ManualWithdrawFragment when doing a manual withdraw from ↵Iván Ávalos
balances list
2023-09-03Add GSoC Work Product Submission reportIván Ávalos
2023-08-30[wallet] try not to instantiate TalerWalletCore more than onceTorsten Grote
2023-08-30[wallet] Fixed serialization error in contract termsIván Ávalos
2023-08-15Translated using Weblate (Italian)Krystian Baran
Currently translated at 83.5% (188 of 225 strings) Translation: GNU Taler/Wallet Android Translate-URL:
2023-08-03Added translation using Weblate (Dutch)L
2023-07-28[wallet] upgrade to qtart 0.9.3-dev.14Torsten Grote
2023-07-28[wallet] show peer transaction summary/purpose in listTorsten Grote
2023-07-17[wallet] release 0.9.3+p6wallet-0.9.3+p6Torsten Grote
2023-07-17[wallet] update transaction list when receiving ↵Torsten Grote
`transaction-state-transition` notification
2023-07-17[wallet] Implement new `balance-change' notificationIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] release 0.9.3+p5wallet-0.9.3+p5Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] fix refund transaction after API changeTorsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] bump qtart to 0.9.3-dev.13Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] use integration test v2Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] release 0.9.3+p4wallet-0.9.3+p4Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] some dd37 fixes after mergingTorsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] Fully remove deprecated status fieldsIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Show suspend/resume only in devMode and rename "fail" to "cancel" in UIIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Make DD37 dialog data non-nullable and rename callbackIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Bump wallet-core to 0.9.3-dev.11Iván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] DD37 fixesIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Better error handling for tx actions.Iván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Handle "fail" DD37 action and prevent non-deletable transactions ↵Iván Ávalos
from being deleted.
2023-07-11[wallet] Implemented DD37 with the new txActions fieldIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Initial work for DD37 transitionsIván Ávalos
2023-07-05Translated using Weblate (Turkish)Ridvan Ozkerim
Currently translated at 98.5% (67 of 68 strings) Translation: GNU Taler/Point-of-Sale Android Translate-URL:
2023-07-04[wallet] add TODO for error on initTorsten Grote
2023-07-04[wallet] Show errorResponse hint in error response when available.Iván Ávalos
2023-07-04[wallet] rename one more 'tip' to 'reward'Torsten Grote
2023-06-28[wallet] small JSON error fixupTorsten Grote
2023-06-28[wallet] Handle add and list exchange errors separatelyIván Ávalos
2023-06-28[wallet] Show errors as JSONIván Ávalos
bug 0007606
2023-06-20[wallet] rename InitiatePeerPushDebitResponseTorsten Grote
2023-06-12[wallet] Rename tip to reward in UITorsten Grote
2023-06-12[wallet] Properly handle tipping errorsTorsten Grote
2023-06-12Remove Amount#fromDouble() as it was buggy and isn't really neededTorsten Grote
2023-05-30[wallet] Release 0.9.3+p3wallet-0.9.3+p3Torsten Grote
2023-05-23Upgrade material design libraryTorsten Grote
2023-05-15Translated using Weblate (Catalan)Gabriel
Currently translated at 69.3% (149 of 215 strings) Translation: GNU Taler/Wallet Android Translate-URL:
2023-05-12[wallet] Add monochrome launcher icons for Android 13Iván Ávalos
2023-05-10Translated using Weblate (German)Stefan Kügel
Currently translated at 60.0% (129 of 215 strings) Translation: GNU Taler/Wallet Android Translate-URL:
2023-05-09[wallet] upgrade qtart to 0.9.3-dev.8Torsten Grote
2023-05-09Fix dependency issuesTorsten Grote
2023-05-03Translated using Weblate (Catalan)Gabriel
Currently translated at 65.5% (141 of 215 strings) Translation: GNU Taler/Wallet Android Translate-URL: