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@@ -838,10 +838,9 @@ interaction with the exchange:
the exchange to request withdrawal of $C$; here, $B_b$ denotes
Chaum-style blinding with blinding factor $b$.
- The exchange checks if the same withdrawal request was issued before;
- in this case, it sends a Chaum-style blind signature $S_K(B)$ with
- private key $K_s$ to the customer. \\
- If this is a fresh withdrawal request, the exchange performs the following transaction:
+ The exchange checks its database if there is an existing withdraw record $\langle S_W(B), x \rangle$
+ with existing withdraw response $x$; in this case it sends back $x$.\\
+ Otherwise if this is a fresh withdrawal request, the exchange performs the following transaction:
\item checks if the reserve $W_p$ has sufficient funds
for a coin of value corresponding to $K$,
@@ -850,7 +849,7 @@ interaction with the exchange:
for future reference,
\item deducts the amount corresponding to $K$ from the reserve,
- and then sends $S_K(B)$ to the customer.
+ and then sends Chaum-style blind signature $S_K(B)$ to the customer.
If the guards for the transaction fail, the exchange sends a descriptive
error back to the customer, with proof that it operated correctly.
Assuming the signature was valid, this would involve showing the transaction