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explain what 'persist' means on first usage
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@@ -821,9 +821,13 @@ interaction with the exchange:
\item reserve key $W := (w_s,W_p)$ with private key $w_s$ and public key $W_p := w_sG$,
\item coin key $C := (c_s,C_p)$ with private key $c_s$ and public key $C_p := c_s G$,
- \item blinding factor $b$, and persists $\langle W, C, b \rangle$.
+ \item blinding factor $b$
- The customer then transfers an amount of money corresponding to
+ The customer first persists\footnote{When we say ``persist'', we mean that the value
+ is stored in such a way that it can be recovered after a system crash, and
+ the protocol execution can be re-tried from a checkpoint
+ without losing money sent in the next step.} $\langle W, C, b \rangle$.
+ Then the customer transfers an amount of money corresponding to
at least $K_v$ to the exchange, with $W_p$ in the subject line
of the transaction.