path: root/deps/openssl/openssl.gyp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-13build: fix version checks in gyp filesBen Noordhuis
2019-10-13build: always use strings for compiler version in gyp filesMichaƫl Zasso
2019-04-04deps: add ARM64 Windows support in opensslShigeki Ohtsu
2019-01-22deps: add only avx2 configs for OpenSSL-1.1.1Shigeki Ohtsu
2018-11-12build: disable openssl asm on arm64 for nowBen Noordhuis
2018-04-10deps: add gyp, header and Makefile for openssl110Shigeki Ohtsu
2018-03-04build: disable openssl build warnings on macosBen Noordhuis
2017-11-27build: fix bsd build with gccMatheus Marchini
2016-07-17deps: no /safeseh for ml64.exeFedor Indutny
2016-06-27deps: `MASM.UseSafeExceptionHandlers` for OpenSSLFedor Indutny
2016-03-04build: correctly detect clang versionStefan Budeanu
2015-09-15build: Updates to enable AIX supportMichael Dawson
2015-08-04build: first set of updates to enable PPC supportMichael Dawson
2015-06-11crypto: support FIPS mode of OpenSSLFedor Indutny
2015-04-15deps, build: add support older assemblerShigeki Ohtsu
2015-04-15deps: update openssl.gyp/gypi for openssl-1.0.2aShigeki Ohtsu
2015-04-04deps: refactor openssl.gypShigeki Ohtsu
2015-01-13build,src: remove sslv3 supportBen Noordhuis
2015-01-12gyp: remove vanished masm file from openssl buildFedor Indutny
2015-01-11build,src: remove sslv2 supportBen Noordhuis
2015-01-08win,openssl: disable some warningsBert Belder
2014-09-03configure: add --openssl-no-asm flagFedor Indutny
2014-08-27deps: enable ARM assembly for OpenSSLFedor Indutny
2014-08-18Revert "gyp: preserve v8dbg syms on freebsd too"Fedor Indutny
2014-08-17gyp: preserve v8dbg syms on freebsd tooFedor Indutny
2014-07-23test: fix test-tls-server-verifyFedor Indutny
2014-04-08deps: update openssl to 1.0.1gFedor Indutny
2013-05-01Revert "deps: downgrade openssl to v1.0.0f"Ben Noordhuis
2013-04-29deps: downgrade openssl to v1.0.0fBen Noordhuis
2013-03-27openssl: disable HEARTBEAT TLS extensionFedor Indutny
2013-03-24deps: fix openssl build on windowsBen Noordhuis
2013-03-05win/openssl: mark assembled object files as seh safeBert Belder
2013-02-20openssl: update to 1.0.1eFedor Indutny
2012-12-24openssl: clean up openssl.gypBen Noordhuis
2012-12-20openssl: enable optimized asm code on x86 and x64Bert Belder
2012-12-20openssl: clean up and merge configuration filesBert Belder
2012-12-03build: avoid -Wno-old-style-declaration with gcc 4.2Ben Noordhuis
2012-10-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v0.8'Ben Noordhuis
2012-10-15Revert "Disable OpenSSL UI"Ben Noordhuis
2012-09-25openssl: fix compilation issues on SmartOS x64Bert Belder
2012-09-25openssl: use optimized asm code on x86 and x64Bert Belder
2012-09-17openssl: Set flags to properly build on sunosisaacs
2012-09-12openssl: disable EC_NISTP_64_GCC_128 on ia32Shigeki Ohtsu
2012-09-12openssl: disable harmless compiler warningsBen Noordhuis
2012-09-12openssl: update the GYP build to work with openssl 1.0.1cBert Belder
2012-08-28Merge branch 'v0.8'Bert Belder
2012-08-23build: use the openssl android configuration for "arm" buildsNathan Rajlich
2012-07-05tls: make tls a little bit fasterFedor Indutny
2012-04-12Disable OpenSSL UIBert Belder
2012-04-12build: configure opensslBen Noordhuis