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14 days-add newsChristian Grothoff
14 dayserror reportingFlorian Dold
2023-01-24-convert key to binaryChristian Grothoff
2022-12-12Replacing the ./configure command from for taler.netStefan Kügel
2022-12-09clarify how to investChristian Grothoff
2022-12-09Removed superfluous INSTALL file.Stefan Kügel
2022-11-04release v0.9.0v0.9.0Christian Grothoff
2022-11-04update wallet pageFlorian Dold
2022-10-22-fix chrome version checkChristian Grothoff
2022-10-21pressChristian Grothoff
2022-10-20draft for Oct surprise newsChristian Grothoff
2022-10-17tagiChristian Grothoff
2022-09-16add age-restrictionsChristian Grothoff
2022-09-16-update list of sub-projectsChristian Grothoff
2022-02-03it newsChristian Grothoff
2022-02-01browser extension privacy policyFlorian Dold
2021-05-27update submodulesChristian Grothoff
2021-05-07use i18n logic from site generatorFlorian Dold
2021-05-04pass base URL to site generatorFlorian Dold
2021-01-07change lang prefix jp to jaChristian Grothoff
2020-12-01update submodule, makes message extraction work againFlorian Dold
2020-10-23repoint submodulesChristian Grothoff
2020-08-27update build-common submodule and fix locationFlorian Dold
2020-07-02add CB reportChristian Grothoff
2020-04-01update submodulesChristian Grothoff
2019-12-22update documentation on how to buildChristian Grothoff
2019-12-22use remoteChristian Grothoff
2019-12-22follow conventionsChristian Grothoff
2019-12-14update submoduleng0
2019-12-11bumo submodules, inc specifically to use the new version of news macrong0
2019-12-10merge new website generation.ng0
2019-10-29bump build-systemng0
2019-10-28new tbs commitng0
2019-10-28add taler-build-scriptsng0