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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 days-move templating logic to libtalertemplating of exchangeChristian Grothoff
4 daysadjust to latest exchange API renameChristian Grothoff
7 days-more FIXME-MSChristian Grothoff
7 daysadd FIXME-MSChristian Grothoff
7 days-saner timeoutsChristian Grothoff
7 days-fix merge conflictChristian Grothoff
7 days-fix merge conflictChristian Grothoff
7 days-fix handling of serialization failureChristian Grothoff
7 days-migrate to new KYC APIChristian Grothoff
13 days-typoChristian Grothoff
13 days-fix rm callChristian Grothoff
13 daystowards libeufin based testsMS
2022-07-25move merchant database into its own schemaChristian Grothoff
2022-07-24-adapt to latest libgnunetpqChristian Grothoff
2022-07-24-note on LPChristian Grothoff
2022-07-23-improve get tip API, note: long-polling not actually implementedChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21-override old token check if pw is reset via default handlerChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21updating instance token using management APISebastian
2022-07-21-add missing auth header to testChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21-improve loggingChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21-fix tokenChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21-unit fixChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21-fix testsChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21-fix field nameChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21testing merchant restart with new token after updating the default token in t...Sebastian
2022-07-21d_ms => d_us change'Christian Grothoff
2022-07-21apply access control override logic also to /instances/default pathChristian Grothoff
2022-07-21allow credentials override also for /instances/default pathsChristian Grothoff
2022-07-20-FIXME, not TODOChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11-test exchange and payto uri as wellChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11-remove FIXMEs that have been resolvedChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11-misc bugfixesChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11fix test now that libtalermerchant returns the actual HTTP status codeChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11-dox fixesChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11improve C APIChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11-use better ECChristian Grothoff
2022-07-11-add product validation logicChristian Grothoff
2022-07-09-deposit fee does NOT go to merchant on refundChristian Grothoff
2022-07-09-fix check of the wrong flag during age restriction verificationÖzgür Kesim
2022-07-08-fix compiler warningChristian Grothoff
2022-07-08-ref bugChristian Grothoff
2022-07-08-remove already addressed FIXMEsChristian Grothoff
2022-07-08-fix leaksChristian Grothoff
2022-07-08-change to date_sChristian Grothoff
2022-07-06-doxChristian Grothoff
2022-07-03a few more checks for #6774, but still unable to reproduceChristian Grothoff
2022-07-03-fix non-deterministically failing test due to competing wirewatch processesChristian Grothoff
2022-07-02use new /batch-deposit API in merchantChristian Grothoff
2022-07-02-refactoring towards batch depositsChristian Grothoff
2022-07-01Revert "check X-Forwarded-Proto when constructing an URI, useful behind a rev...Sebastian