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3 daysadd logic to store attributesChristian Grothoff
2023-01-01-crypto for AML decision signaturesChristian Grothoff
2022-12-31write KYC attribute encryption logicChristian Grothoff
2022-12-29expand DB API with AML functions, fix purse refund calculations in libtalerex...Christian Grothoff
2022-12-27-new crypto functionsChristian Grothoff
2022-12-27-doxygen fixesChristian Grothoff
2022-12-19-fix includes in testsChristian Grothoff
2022-12-09properly handle GONE case on purse depositChristian Grothoff
2022-12-06fix FIXME: sign also over balance during account-setupChristian Grothoff
2022-12-05adapt build to latest GNUnet without gnunet/platform.hChristian Grothoff
2022-11-14more refactoring towards #7272Christian Grothoff
2022-11-13add test for batch CS derive/sign logicChristian Grothoff
2022-11-13implement CS batch operations in libtalerutilChristian Grothoff
2022-11-13refactor CS derive API in preparation for batch APIChristian Grothoff
2022-11-13add batch logic to taler-exchange-secmod-csChristian Grothoff
2022-11-13API refactoring towards batch CSChristian Grothoff
2022-11-13add support for batch signing in RSAChristian Grothoff
2022-11-13implement TALER_CRYPTO_helper_rsa_batch_signChristian Grothoff
2022-11-06fix #7427Christian Grothoff
2022-11-04policy extensions and age restriction refactoringÖzgür Kesim
2022-11-03-ref bugChristian Grothoff
2022-11-03-ref bugChristian Grothoff
2022-11-01remove wad fee, kyc fee and kyc-timeoutChristian Grothoff
2022-11-01purse auditor helper theoretically complete (but DB logic still missing)Christian Grothoff
2022-10-22-remove bogus testsChristian Grothoff
2022-10-15handle reserve open/close responses in reserve history in libtalerexchangeChristian Grothoff
2022-10-15-refactor DB for reserve history/status routinesChristian Grothoff
2022-10-02complete taler-exchange-httpd_reserves_open.c logic (first pass, still withou...Christian Grothoff
2022-09-29added benchmark tool for age restrictionÖzgür Kesim
2022-09-18add new signature functions for DD31Christian Grothoff
2022-09-17-misc minor fixesChristian Grothoff
2022-08-23enforce syntax of reserve_uri (typo)Christian Grothoff
2022-08-23enforce syntax of reserve_uriChristian Grothoff
2022-08-22-fix clang compiler warningsChristian Grothoff
2022-08-16do not use illegal '+' in payment target typeFlorian Dold
2022-08-11major rework of the KYC logic, making it more configurable, not complete, but...Christian Grothoff
2022-08-05-first pass at new KYC DB APIChristian Grothoff
2022-08-01-set RD_ONLY flagChristian Grothoff
2022-07-29add offline signature to drain profits (#4960)Christian Grothoff
2022-07-08rename paramThien-Thi Nguyen
2022-07-07-fixed doxygen errorsÖzgür Kesim
2022-07-05-annotate bugsChristian Grothoff
2022-07-02-fix batch deposit uninit issueChristian Grothoff
2022-06-28-fix issue with missing signature over denomination and age restriction hash ...Christian Grothoff
2022-06-28-add FIXMEChristian Grothoff
2022-06-26-fix valgrind complaintsÖzgür Kesim
2022-06-26-fix typosChristian Grothoff
2022-06-26-fix misc doxygen warnings, code clean upChristian Grothoff
2022-06-18-more work on taler-helper-auditor-reserve p2p auditsChristian Grothoff
2022-06-07-more minor bugfixesChristian Grothoff