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* Commits the duration between @a _label_start and @a _label_stop
* to Gauger with @a _description explaining what was measured.
+ * @param _label the label of this command
* @param _label_start label of the start of the measurment
* @param _label_stop label of the end of the measurment
* @param _description description of the measure displayed in Gauger
* @param _unit the unit of the data measured, typicly something/sec
- * @param _divide number of measurments in the interval [FIXME: need UNIT]
+ * @param _divide number of measurments in the interval
#define PERF_TALER_MINTDB_INIT_CMD_GAUGER(_label, _label_start, _label_stop, _description, _unit, _divide) \
{ \