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@@ -300,11 +300,16 @@ blockchain's decentralized nature to escape anti-money laundering
regulation~\cite{molander1998cyberpayments} as they provide anonymous,
disintermediated transactions.
-Unlike Taler, Zerocash fully hides transacted amounts as well both the sender
-and receiver, giving an exceptionally high level of anonymity. This comes at
-the cost of usage for illegitimate purposes such as money laundering and tax
-evasion, as well as confirmation times and processing fees that are many orders
-of magnitude larger.
+Unlike Taler, Zerocash hides transacted amounts as well as both the
+sender and receiver, giving it a larger anonymity set than Taler under
+equal usage levels. A Taler exchange can process transactions many
+orders of magnitude faster and more cheaply than any blockchain-based
+cryptocurrency like Zerocash. It follows that, assuming reasonable
+adoption levels for both, Taler will yield stronger anonymity for
+ordinary purchases, although Zerocash should retian an advantage for
+large transactions that never get cashed out into another currency.
+In addition, Zerocash's anonymity for the receiver enables an array of
+illegal activities like extortion, money laundering, and tax evasion.
GreenCoinX\footnote{\url{}} is a more
recent AltCoin where the company promises to identify the owner of