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authorChristian Grothoff <>2016-01-21 14:46:17 +0100
committerChristian Grothoff <>2016-01-21 14:46:17 +0100
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adding API code for /deposit/wtid requests
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diff --git a/src/include/taler_mint_service.h b/src/include/taler_mint_service.h
index dc653135..070f77f0 100644
--- a/src/include/taler_mint_service.h
+++ b/src/include/taler_mint_service.h
@@ -1172,8 +1172,7 @@ struct TALER_MINT_DepositWtidHandle;
* @param wtid wire transfer identifier used by the mint, NULL if mint did not
* yet execute the transaction
* @param execution_time actual or planned execution time for the wire transfer
- * @param coin_contribution original value of the deposited coin (may be NULL)
- * @param coin_fee fee of charged by the mint for the deposit (may be NULL)
+ * @param coin_contribution contribution to the @a total_amount of the deposited coin (may be NULL)
* @param total_amount total amount of the wire transfer, or NULL if the mint could
* not provide any @a wtid (set only if @a http_status is #MHD_HTTP_OK)
@@ -1184,12 +1183,11 @@ typedef void
const struct TALER_WireTransferIdentifierRawP *wtid,
struct GNUNET_TIME_Absolute execution_time,
const struct TALER_Amount *coin_contribution,
- const struct TALER_Amount *coin_fee,
const struct TALER_Amount *total_amount);
- * Obtain the wire transfer details for a given transaction.
+ * Obtain the wire transfer details for a given deposit.
* @param mint the mint to query
* @param merchant_priv the merchant's private key
@@ -1217,7 +1215,6 @@ TALER_MINT_deposit_wtid (struct TALER_MINT_Handle *mint,
* handle if a response is already served for it.
* @param dwh the wire deposits request handle
- *
TALER_MINT_deposit_wtid_cancel (struct TALER_MINT_DepositWtidHandle *dwh);