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@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ At the bottom of the main UI there is a row of buttons:
* Prev: Goes to the previous order (if available).
* Next: Goes to the next order or creates a new one
if the current is not empty and there is no next.
+* Data entry: Enter a product name and price manually.
* Complete: Finalize an order and prompt the customer to pay.
The top left corner features a hamburger icon.
@@ -123,12 +124,9 @@ The elements of the JSON file are defined as follows:
.. ts:def:: BackendConfiguration
interface BackendConfiguration {
- // The URL to the Taler Merchant Backend
+ // The URL to the Taler Merchant Backend (including instance if applicable)
base_url: string;
- // The name of backend instance to be used (see `Backend Options <Backend-options>`)
- instance: string;
// The API key used for authentication
api_key: string;