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.. _merchant-arch:
+In order for a merchant to be Taler-compatible, they need to run two distinct Web
+services: a *frontend* and a *backend*. The former is typically the Web site where
+the merchant exposes their goods, whereas the latter is a C program in charge of
+making all the Taler-related cryptography.
+In details, the frontend gathers all the information from customers about sales,
+and forwards it to the backend via its RESTful API. Typically, the backend will either
+cryptographically process this data or just forward it to the exchange.
+That saves the frontend developers from dealing with cryptography in scripting
+languages and from commmunicating at all with any exchange.
- The 'frontend' is the existing shopping portal of the merchant.
- The architecture tries to minimize the amount of modifications necessary
- to the `frontend` as well as the trust that needs to be placed into the
- `frontend` logic. Taler requires the frontend to facilitate two
- JSON-based interactions between the wallet and the `backend`, and
- one of those is trivial.
- The 'backend' is a standalone C application intended to implement all
- the cryptographic routines required to interact with the Taler wallet
- and a Taler exchange.
+Additionally, the backend RESTful API is such that a frontend might be run completely