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@@ -1389,6 +1389,12 @@ Payment processing
ignored (treated as zero). If the backend installation does not include the
required HTML templates, a 406 status code is returned.
+ In the case that the request was made with a claim token (even the wrong one)
+ and the order was claimed and paid, the server will redirect the client to
+ the fulfillment URL. This redirection will happen with a 302 status code
+ if the "Accept" header specified "text/html", and with a 202 status code
+ otherwise.
:query h_contract=HASH: hash of the order's contract terms (this is used to authenticate the wallet/customer in case $ORDER_ID is guessable). Required once an order was claimed.
@@ -1405,6 +1411,10 @@ Payment processing
:status 200 OK:
The response is a `StatusPaidResponse`.
+ :status 202 Accepted:
+ The response is a `StatusGotoResponse`. Only returned if the content type requested was not HTML.
+ :status 302 Found:
+ The client should go to the indicated location. Only returned if the content type requested was HTML.
:status 402 PaymentRequired:
The response is a `StatusUnpaidResponse`.
:status 403 Forbidden:
@@ -1436,6 +1446,15 @@ Payment processing
+ .. ts:def:: StatusGotoResponse
+ interface StatusGotoResponse {
+ // The client should go to the fulfillment URL, it may be ready or
+ // might have some other interesting status.
+ fulfillment_url: string;
+ }
.. ts:def:: StatusUnpaidResponse
interface StatusUnpaidResponse {