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+ Name
+ ====
+**taler-auditor** - audit exchange
+**taler-auditor** [**-h** | **--help**]
+[**-m** *MASTER_KEY* | **--exchange-key=**\ ‌\ *MASTER_KEY*]
+[**-r** | **--reset**]
+**taler-auditor** is a command line tool to be used by an auditor to
+audit an exchange’s database and calculate the current financial state
+of the exchange (including revenue, amount expected in escrow and risk
+exposure). The audit is incremental. The first audit must be performed
+with the **-r** option to initialize the tables. The tool reports
+inconsistencies in the balance or incorrect cryptographic signatures
+found in the database. It does NOT check with the bank to see that the
+incoming and outgoing wire transfers that the bank claims to have
+matches the exchange’s database. Its options are as follows.
+**-h** \| **--help**
+ Print short help on options.
+**-m** *KEY* \| **--exchange-key=**\ ‌\ *KEY*
+ Public master key of the exchange in Crockford base32 encoding, for
+ example as generated by gnunet-ecc -p. If this option is missing,
+ taler-auditor will use the MASTER_PUBLIC_KEY value from the
+ “exchange” section of the configuration.
+**-r** \| **--reset**
+ Reset the audit, starts everything from the beginning. Useful for
+ testing and required for the first audit to setup auditor’s tables.
+ Note that if (just) the exchange key changes, the **-r** option
+ should not be used again.
+See Also
+gnunet-ecc(1), taler-auditor-sign(1), taler.conf(5)
+Report bugs by using or by sending electronic
+mail to <>.