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rephrasing, align API to code
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@@ -725,11 +725,6 @@ Facades
// access, the creator must *also* have access to that resource.
creator: string;
- // On which currency this facade operates. Note:
- // ideally, Nexus will provide a global object that
- // holds such information.
- currency: string;
// Bank accounts that the facade has read/write
// access to.
bankAccountsRead: string[];
@@ -810,6 +805,8 @@ The ``taler-wire-gateway`` facade has the following configuration:
bankAccount: string;
bankConnection: string;
+ currency: string;
// Corresponds to whether we trust C52, C53 or C54 (SEPA ICT)
// for incoming transfers.
reserveTransferLevel: "statement" | "report" | "notification";
diff --git a/libeufin/nexus-tutorial.rst b/libeufin/nexus-tutorial.rst
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@@ -430,18 +430,18 @@ a filtered version of the transaction history, or it might
want to refuse payments that do not conform to certain rules.
At this moment, only the *Taler facade type* is implemented
-in the Nexus, and the command below will show how to instantiate
-one under an existing bank account.
+in the Nexus, and the command below instantiates one under a
+existing bank account / connection pair.
.. code-block:: console
$ libeufin-cli \
- taler-facade \
+ facades \
new-facade \
--facade-name $FACADE_NAME \
-At this point, the additional *taler-wire-gateway* (link here) API
-becomes offered by the Nexus. The purpose is to let a Taler exchange
-to rely on Nexus to manage its bank account.
+At this point, the additional *taler-wire-gateway* (FIXME: link
+here to API here) API becomes offered by the Nexus. The purpose
+is to let a Taler exchange to rely on Nexus to manage its bank account.