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tos -> payment_required [label="Accept"];
payment_required -> payment_confirmation [label="Yes"];
payment_confirmation -> backup_secret [label="Paid"];
- backup_secret -> backup_settings [label="Stored"];
+ backup_secret -> backup_settings [dir=both, label="Stored"];
payment_required:s -> backup_secret:w [label="No"];
{ rank=same; has_backup; backup_onboarding; }
@@ -194,6 +194,74 @@ Backup user flow
{ rank=same; payment_required; payment_confirmation; }
+Backup Settings Screen
+* **Backup my wallet** [on/off]
+* **Backup services**
+ No service active
+ (shows time of last backup per service)
+* **Show backup secret**
+ You need this secret to restore from backup
+* option to sync/backup now (hidden in action bar overflow menu)
+Choose Backup Service Screen
+This screen can be reached by pressing the **Backup services** setting
+in the Backup Settings Screen.
+It lists the currently active service and other services that can be used.
+The user has the option to add new services to the list.
+A backup service has
+* a name
+* a base URL
+* a fee per year in an explicit currency
+Clicking an active service shows the above service information as well as:
+* the service secret that is required to restore from backup
+* last payment date and next scheduled payment date
+* option to deactivate the backup service
+Clicking an inactive service allows the user to use the backup service
+(after accepting ToS and making the payment).
+Terms of Service Screen
+This screen always appears when a backup provider is selected
+and the user did not yet accept the current version of its terms of service.
+It shows the terms of service text and an accept checkbox,
+as well as the usual back button.
+Payment Confirmation Screen
+This is the same screen that the user sees when doing other purchases.
+The only difference is that after successful payment,
+the user will be shown the service secret instead of the transaction list.
+Backup Secret Screen
+After setting up a backup service,
+the user needs to securely store the secret needed to restore from backup.
+The secret will be shown as a Taler URI in plain text.
+This has the form: ``taler://sync/$SYNC-DOMAIN/$SYNC-PATH#$PRIVATE-KEY``
+Additionally, the URI will be encoded as a QRcode.
+Depending on the platform, there should be an option to print or export (PDF) the secret.
+Backup Onboarding
+If no backup service was selected when the user makes the first withdrawal,
+an onboarding screen will be shown that takes the user to the backup configuration screen.
+ Don't loose your money, use a backup service!
+ Your wallet comes with a list of backup services
+ that can store an encrypted copy of your wallet.
+ Use one to keep your money safe!
+ [Set backup up now]