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tables from other data *if* we need to recover from backup.
* On schema migration, halt exchange, once auditor DB has
synchronized, update all DB schema (the "ingress" DB schema
- may be update automatically when the exchange DB schema is
+ may be updated automatically when the exchange DB schema is
migrated, but the "trusted" DB of the auditor must most likely
be manually migrated), then finally resume "ingress" to "trusted"
helper-based DB synchronization and restart the exchange.
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ Drawbacks
is the answer, to be investigated what performs better.
* A malicious exchange could theoretically send expensive transactions
to the auditor via the replication mechanism (possibly ones that
- it did not even execute locally itself) to DoS the "ingres"
+ it did not even execute locally itself) to DoS the "ingress"
database. This would be noticed primarily by load
monitoring or even the auditor lagging unusually far behind the
exchange's transaction history. We believe this is acceptable,