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@@ -140,6 +140,9 @@ Covered Scenarios
Problematic Scenarios
+Bookmarks of Lost Purchases
Let's say I bought some article a few months ago and I lost my wallet. I still have the augmented fulfillment URL
for the article bookmarked. When I re-visit the URL, I will be prompted via QR code, but I can *never* prove
that I already paid, because I lost my wallet!
@@ -149,3 +152,16 @@ It's not clear if this is a common/important scenario though.
But we might want to make clear on the client order status page that it's showing a QR code for something
that was already paid.
+The Back Button
+The following steps lead to unintuitive navigation:
+1. Purchase a paywalled URL for the first time via a detached wallet
+2. Marvel at the fulfillment page
+3. Press the back button
+This will display an error message, as the authentication via the claim token on the
+``/orders/{order-ID}`` page is not valid anymore.
+We could consider still allowing authentication with the claim token in this case.