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Payment processing.
Describing the situation where a customer tries to access one resource that was paid in the past, but whose cookies were deleted.
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@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ When *resource-URL* is requested, the storefront runs the following steps:
7. If the client has not (fully) obtained the granted refunds yet, show a link to the public order page
of the backend to allow the client to obtain the refund. **Terminate.**
8. If the *order-status* is paid, return to the client the resource associated with *resource name*. **Terminate.**
-9. Otherwise, the *order-status* is unpaid. Redirect the client to *client-order-status-URL*. **Terminate.**
+9. Otherwise, either the *order-status* is unpaid or the customer tried to access a paid resource after having deleted their cookies. Redirect the client to *client-order-status-URL*. **Terminate.**
+10. If the wallet detects that the resource was paid before, it will resend the same payment again, and will get the item; if not, the wallet will create a new payment and send to the merchant.
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