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:query last_issue_date: optional argument specifying the maximum value of any of the "stamp_start" members of the denomination keys of a "/keys" response that is already known to the client. Allows the exchange to only return keys that have changed since that timestamp. The given value must be an unsigned 64-bit integer representing seconds after 1970. If the timestamp does not exactly match the "stamp_start" of one of the denomination keys, all keys are returned.
- :query now: request that the exchange answer the request as if the current time were the value given in "now". The given value must be an unsigned 64-bit integer representing seconds after 1970. This option is used for testing, and in production is likely not supported.
:http:statuscode:`200 OK`:
The exchange responds with a `ExchangeKeysResponse` object. This request should
- virtually always be successful.
- :http:statuscode:`403 Forbidden`:
- The client specified the "now" argument, but the exchange does not allow this option as per its configuration.
+ virtually always be successful. It only fails if the exchange is misconfigured or
+ has not yet been provisioned with key signatures via `taler-exchange-offline`.