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@@ -260,9 +260,6 @@ Receiving Terms of Service
:status 400 Bad request:
Most likely, the uploaded body is too short (less than 32 bytes).
- :status 401 Unauthorized:
- The signature is invalid or missing (or body does not match).
:status 402 Payment required:
The synchronization service requires payment before the
account can continue to be used. The fulfillment URL
@@ -270,6 +267,9 @@ Receiving Terms of Service
by the client. The contract should be shown to the user
in the canonical dialog, possibly in a fresh tab.
+ :status 403 Forbidden:
+ The signature is invalid or missing (or body does not match).
:status 409 Conflict:
The server has a more recent version than what is given
in "If-Match". The more recent version is returned. The