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-document another case for a 409
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@@ -252,6 +252,8 @@ Making the payment
The exchange rejected the payment because a coin was already spent.
The response will include the ``coin_pub`` for which the payment failed,
in addition to the response from the exchange to the ``/deposit`` request.
+ Also returned if the currency of the deposit permissions does not match
+ the currency used by the merchant.
:http:statuscode:`410 Gone`:
The offer has expired and is no longer available.
:http:statuscode:`412 Precondition failed`:
@@ -2877,7 +2879,7 @@ The contract terms must have the following structure:
// Map from IETF BCP 47 language tags to localized fulfillment
// messages.
- fulfillment_message_i18n: { [lang_tag: string]: string };
+ fulfillment_message_i18n?: { [lang_tag: string]: string };
// Maximum total deposit fee accepted by the merchant for this contract.
max_fee: Amount;