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@@ -4,7 +4,16 @@ GNU Taler Demo Upgrade Checklist
.. |check| raw:: html
- <input checked="" type="checkbox">
+ <input type="checkbox">
+Post-upgrade checks:
+- |check| Run ``taler-deployment-arm -I`` to verify that all services are running.
+- |check| Run the headless wallet to check that services are actually working:
+ .. code-block:: sh
+ taler-wallet-cli integrationtest -e -m -b -w "KUDOS:10" -s "KUDOS:5"
@@ -22,3 +31,21 @@ Blog demo:
- |check| Go back to and click on the same article
link. Verify that the article is shown and **no** repeated payment is
+- |check| Open the fulfillment page from the previous step in an anonymous browsing session
+ (without the wallet installed) and verify that it requests a payment again.
+- |check| Delete cookies on and click on the same article again.
+ Verify that the wallet detects that the article has already purchased and successfully
+ redirects to the article without spending more money.
+Donation demo:
+- |check| Make a donation on
+- |check| Make another donation with the same parameters and verify
+ that the payment is requested again, instead of showing the previous
+ fulfillment page.
+- |check| Visit and receive a tip.
+- |check| Verify that the survey stats page ( is working,
+ and that the survey reserve has sufficient funds.