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Taler way to hide/show elements on pages.
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Bank API
-The following APIs are served from banks, in order to allow exchanges to
-deposit funds to money recipients. A typical scenario for calling this
-APIs is after a merchant has deposited coins to the exchange, and the exchange
-needs to give real money to the merchant.
Administrative API
@@ -173,3 +168,37 @@ User API
the client using the bank. A reasonable improvement is to
specify a bank URI too, so that Taler can run across multiple
+Interactions with wallet
+The interaction between the bank and the wallet does *not* use JavaScript.
+The interaction is needed to (1) make some elements visible only if a wallet
+is installed, and (2) to give the wallet information about a new withdraw
+Make elements visible.
+This feature works via CSS injection from the wallet. To enable it, the
+page must contain the ``<html data-taler-nojs="true">`` element, so that
+the wallet will do the injection.
+Whenever a element ``<x>`` needs to be visualized (hidden) if the wallet is
+installed, the special class ``taler-installed-show`` (``taler-installed-hide``)
+must be added to ``x``, as follows:
+* ``<x class="taler-installed-show">y</x>`` will make ``y`` visible.
+* ``<x class="taler-installed-hide">y</x>`` will make ``y`` visible.
+Clearly, a fallback page must be provided, which will be useful if the
+wallet is *not* installed. This special page will hide any element of
+the class ``taler-install-show``; it can be downloaded at the following
+URI: ``git://``.
+New withdrawal information.