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Command ``serve``
+This command starts the HTTP server, listening on port 5000.
+To use a different port, use option ``--port INT``.
+To listen, instead, on a Unix domain socket,
+use option ``--with-unix-socket PATH``.
+When both ``--port`` and ``--with-unix-socket`` are given,
+``--with-unix-socket`` takes precedence.
+The process runs in the foreground, writing its logs to standard error.
+The normal log level is ``DEBUG``.
+To change it, use ``--log-level LEVEL``, where ``LEVEL`` is one of:
+``ERROR``, ``WARN``, ``INFO``, ``DEBUG``, ``TRACE``.
+Before invoking ``serve``, the following environment variables need to be set:
+ The password required for later use by ???FIXME???.
+ For testing purposes, you can use option ``--no-auth`` to disable
+ this requirement.
+ (In that case, this environment variable need not be set.)
+ This specifies the database **libeufin-sandbox** uses to maintain state.
+ Currently, both Sqlite and PostgreSQL are supported.
+ (Only one needs to be specified.)
+ Examples:
+ - ``jdbc:sqlite:/tmp/libeufin-sandbox.db``
+ - ``jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/libeufindb?user=Foo&password=secret``
+.. @MS Is Control-C the best way to interrupt?
+ Are there any other signals handled specially?
Command ``reset-tables``