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diction: s/N bytes/N-byte/ (two instances)
The hypen and singular noun is used when the composed term is used as an adjective (as in this case).
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@@ -510,8 +510,8 @@ In the following, UUID is always defined and used according to `RFC 4122`_.
Upload a new version of the customer's encrypted recovery document.
While the document's structure is described in JSON below, the upload
- should just be the bytestream of the raw data (i.e. 32 bytes nonce followed
- by 16 bytes tag followed by the encrypted document).
+ should just be the bytestream of the raw data (i.e. 32-byte nonce followed
+ by 16-byte tag followed by the encrypted document).
If request has been seen before, the server should do nothing, and otherwise store the new version.
The body must begin with a nonce, an AES-GCM tag and continue with the ciphertext. The format
is the same as specified for the response of the GET method. The