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diff --git a/core/api-bank-access.rst b/core/api-bank-access.rst
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--- a/core/api-bank-access.rst
+++ b/core/api-bank-access.rst
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ name and account password, at least in the GNU Taler demo bank implementation.
The withdrawal operation has been confirmed. The response is an empty JSON object.
:http:statuscode:`409 Conflict`:
The withdrawal has been aborted previously and can't be confirmed.
- :http:statuscode:`422 Unprocessable Entity` (Not implemented yet):
+ :http:statuscode:`422 Unprocessable Entity` (New):
The withdraw operation cannot be confirmed because no exchange and reserve public key selection happened before.
diff --git a/core/api-bank-integration.rst b/core/api-bank-integration.rst
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--- a/core/api-bank-integration.rst
+++ b/core/api-bank-integration.rst
@@ -129,6 +129,8 @@ for the withdrawal operation (the ``wopid``) to interact with the withdrawal ope
The response is a `BankWithdrawalOperationPostResponse`.
:http:statuscode:`404 Not found`:
The bank does not know about a withdrawal operation with the specified ``wopid``.
+ :http:statuscode:`409 Conflict` (New):
+ The wallet selected a different exchange or reserve public key under the same withdrawal ID.