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@@ -742,6 +742,9 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
:http:statuscode:`202 Accepted`:
The escrow provider will respond out-of-band (i.e. SMS).
The body may contain human-readable instructions on next steps.
+ :http:statuscode:`208 Already Reported`:
+ An authentication challenge was recently send, client should
+ simply respond to the pending challenge.
:http:statuscode:`303 See other`:
The provider redirects for authentication (i.e. video identification/WebRTC).
If the client is not a browser, it should launch a browser at the URL
@@ -755,6 +758,13 @@ charge per truth operation using GNU Taler.
The server requires a valid "response" to the challenge associated with the UUID.
:http:statuscode:`404 Not found`:
The server does not know any truth under the given UUID.
+ :http:statuscode:`410 Gone`:
+ The server has not (recently) issued a challenge under the given UUID,
+ but a reply was provided. (This does not apply for secure question.)
+ :http:statuscode:`417 Expectation Failed`:
+ The decrypted 'truth' does not match the expectations of the authentication
+ backend, i.e. a phone number for sending an SMS is not a number, or
+ an e-mail address for sending an E-mail is not a valid e-mail address.
:http:statuscode:`503 Service Unavailable`:
Server is out of Service.