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add para on "limited stocks" -> use product locks; mention order locks and auto-unlocking
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@@ -194,6 +194,13 @@ actors claiming orders is problematic (say because of limited stocks). The use
of claim tokens is optional, but if a claim token is used, it must be provided
to the wallet as part of the order URI.
+Additionally, when stocks are limited, you can configure Taler to
+set a *product lock* on items (say, while composing the shopping cart).
+These locks, as well as the *order lock* (when the order is complete),
+can be configured to auto-unlock at a certain time or triggering event.
+.. FIXME: Is the "or event" correct? If so, what events are triggers?
A wallet may *pay* for a claimed order, at which point the order turns into
a (paid) contract. Orders have an expiration date after which the commercial
offer expires and any stock of products *locked* by the order is released,