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diff --git a/taler-exchange-manual.rst b/taler-exchange-manual.rst
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--- a/taler-exchange-manual.rst
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@@ -955,7 +955,7 @@ Internal audits
While an exchange should use an external auditor to attest to regulators that
it is operating correctly, an exchange operator can also use the auditor's
-logic to perform internal checks. For this, an exchange opeator can generally
+logic to perform internal checks. For this, an exchange operator can generally
follow the auditor guide. However, instead of using ``taler-auditor-sync``,
an internal audit can and likely should be performed either directly against
the production exchange database or against a synchronous copy created using
diff --git a/taler-merchant-manual.rst b/taler-merchant-manual.rst
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--- a/taler-merchant-manual.rst
+++ b/taler-merchant-manual.rst
@@ -1096,7 +1096,7 @@ authentication, including TLS client certificates, HTTP basic and digest
authentication and others, which can all be used (possibly in combination) to
restrict access to the internal API to authorized clients.
-System admininistrators are strongly advised to test their access control
+System administrators are strongly advised to test their access control
setup before going into production!