BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate taler wire api to the newest specificationAntoine A4 weeks
researchAdapt defensively to blockchain forksAntoine A2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-02-01Update taler wire api to the newest specificationHEADmasterAntoine A
2024-02-01Revert node version bump, more testing is requiredAntoine A
2024-02-01Test support for bitcoind 26.0 and update dependenciesAntoine A
2024-02-01Test support for geth 1.13.11 and update dependenciesAntoine A
2023-11-23Fix dirty fixAntoine A
2023-11-23Test support for bitcoind 25.1Antoine A
2023-11-21Support ethereum 1.13.5Antoine A
2023-10-06Clean codeAntoine A
2023-10-05Test support for bitcoind 24.1 and small improvementsAntoine A
2023-10-04Improve test runner and improve initdb commandsAntoine A