AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-28new tbs commitng0
2019-10-28add taler-build-scriptsng0
2019-10-28locale regenng0
2019-10-27add Dold's PhD thesis to bibliographyFlorian Dold
2019-10-05fix languageChristian Grothoff
2019-09-17add localeng0
2019-09-17Merge branch 'master' of
2019-09-17fix failure to builfix failure to builddng0
2019-09-17Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Grothoff
2019-09-17remove team pageChristian Grothoff
2019-09-17follow-up, cosmetical in navbar.ng0
2019-09-17as per discussion, make the language stick to english for now.ng0
2019-09-17clarifyChristian Grothoff
2019-09-04stylize the navbar darker, make it easier to read.ng0
2019-09-04Revert "css: try to integrate language button more into the color scheme."ng0
2019-09-03css: try to integrate language button more into the color scheme.ng0
2019-09-03fix error in de translationng0
2019-09-03fix localesng0
2019-09-03mark more strings as translatable, fix typos.ng0
2019-09-03URL fixesng0
2019-09-03fix nameng0
2019-09-03locale, trigger new CI jobng0
2019-09-03Apparently gmake is a bit more easy to be thrown off than NetBSD make.ng0
2019-09-02add web-common cp to Makefileng0
2019-09-02mark more strings as translatable (wallet, investors, developers)ng0
2019-09-02fix the gettext noise caused by no longer existing strings.ng0
2019-09-02cover the possibility of localized images.ng0
2019-09-02syntax fixes, gettext block fixes, commit new po files.ng0
2019-09-02Makefile: layout changes, copy morefiles.ng0
2019-09-02initial README for how to build this (NetBSD for now, easy to adopt for the r...ng0
2019-09-02Adjust repository layout (resolves #5596), add sitemap.xml generator.ng0
2019-09-01fix location of i18n popupFlorian Dold
2019-09-01fix menu for mobileFlorian Dold
2019-08-29pathFlorian Dold
2019-08-29pathFlorian Dold
2019-08-29docsFlorian Dold
2019-08-11fix translation markupChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24fix floatingsChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24list WooCommerce teamChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24update teamChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24add MichaelChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24fix linkChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24add more imagesChristian Grothoff
2019-07-24expand glossary to explain zombie coinsChristian Grothoff
2019-07-19add Libra linkChristian Grothoff
2019-07-19add contactChristian Grothoff
2019-06-28font size fixFlorian Dold
2019-06-27typoMarcello Stanisci