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@@ -892,12 +892,12 @@ Using these primitives, we now instantiate the syntax:
Let $\V{skD}_u$ be the secret key corresponding to $\V{pkD}_u$.
We write \[ \algo{Blind}^*_{BS}(\mathcal{S}(\V{sk}), \mathcal{R}(R,
- \V{sk}_C, \V{pk}, m)) \mapsto (\overline{m}, r, \mathcal{T}_{B*}) \] for a
+ \V{skR}, \V{pk}, m)) \mapsto (\overline{m}, r, \mathcal{T}_{B*}) \] for a
modified version of $\algo{Blind}_{BS}$ where the signature requester
$\mathcal{R}$ takes all randomness from the sequence
$\left(\V{PRF}(R,\texttt{"blind"}\Vert n)\right)_{n>0}$, the messages from the exchange are
recorded in transcript $\mathcal{T}_{B*}$, and all messages sent by the
- requester are signed with $\V{sk}_C$.
+ requester are signed with $\V{skR}$.
Furthermore we write \[ \algo{KeyGen}^*_{CSK}(R, 1^\lambda) \mapsto
(\V{sk}, \V{pk}) \] for a modified version of the key generation algorithm