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+This directory contains the files needed to implment a simple/debug merchant website.
+Only tested on nginx. To run the website, it suffices to have all the files in the same
+directory, to have PHP enabled, and to set the following two redirections:
+1. your_site/certal/ => your_site/cert.php
+2. your_site/payler/ => your_site/pay.php
+File |What implements
+o index.html | The "negotiation" view, that is the form
+ that allows the user to choose the product to buy.
+o checkout.php | The "payment selection" that is the form
+ that allows the user to choose the payment method he wishes to use.
+ It also implements the request of certificate and its showing as a
+ popup window (by JavaScript in it). For debugging purposes, it has a
+ certificate hardcoded in it.
+o cert.php | Replies with a JSON certificate that is held in a 'session' variable.
+o pay.php | Actual receiving of money, plus it gives back a "fullfillment" page
+ that informs the user of his well ended deal.