AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-07-10Put logic to delete KYC events for merchantMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-10noteMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-10Test last change.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-10Put logic to sum KYC-monitored wire transfers.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-10KYC DB methods: store a wire transfer.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-10Fix SELECT statement.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-09Improve KYC status callback.Marcello Stanisci
More parameters for this callback.
2018-07-09Method to mark a merchant as NOT KYC-checked.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-09Method to retrieve the KYC status of a merchant.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-09Method to mark merchant as KYC-checked.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-09KYC db methods.Marcello Stanisci
Add method to insert a merchant into the monitored entries, and associates a "FALSE" KYC status to it.
2018-07-06Put KYC-related low-level DB methods.Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-04lookahead/duration options are in [exchange], not [exchange_keys], use ↵Christian Grothoff
2018-07-04fix pg version check on DebianChristian Grothoff
2018-07-03remove unnecessary block, use static where applicableChristian Grothoff
2018-07-02Finish addressing #5332Marcello Stanisci
2018-07-02polish bank history CMDMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-02polish test loopMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-02polish test helpersMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-02polish track CMDMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-02polish refresh CMDMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-02polish refresh CMDMarcello Stanisci
2018-07-02Addressing #5332Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-29fix memory leakMarcello Stanisci
2018-06-29Fix #5277.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-28Instruction pointer gets negative values too.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-28Address #5366.Marcello Stanisci
Making sure that the exchange side of #5366 is well-behaved.
2018-06-28Commenting last change.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-28Reproducing [1] as a test case.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-27Addressing #5291.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-25indentMarcello Stanisci
2018-06-25noteMarcello Stanisci
2018-06-25Splitting twisted test case into smaller CMD chunks.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-25Splitting "lib" test case into smaller CMDs arrays.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-20explicit zeroing.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-20Implementing #5306.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-20Batch CMD needs to memcpy CMDs in its internal status.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-20Meta-CMD-aware instruction pointer.Marcello Stanisci
The main IP from the testing loop gets incremented ONLY IF the command being processed is NOT a "meta" one. Meta CMDs have their own internal IP.
2018-06-20batch CMD skeleton + include defs.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-20Put lookup logic for meta-commands.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-14fix leaks.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-13Fix aggregator.Marcello Stanisci
Now use the bank base *url* extracted from the payto:// extractor.
2018-06-13Payto parsing.Marcello Stanisci
Moving the extracted bank base URL into proper structure.
2018-06-12433 > 443Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-12Making https:// default.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-12From payto:// to base url.Marcello Stanisci
The conversion prepends http// or https:// depending on the port given beside the hostname. If port is 433, then prepends https://, otherwise prepends http://. For now, the conversion was only necessary at the /history bank lib.
2018-05-29Get rid of "@param selector".Marcello Stanisci
2018-05-29Commenting the main "testing" header file.Marcello Stanisci
2018-05-29Commenting the bank-lib "testing" header file.Marcello Stanisci
2018-05-29do not use hard coded database stringMarcello Stanisci