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diff --git a/src/lib/exchange_api_withdraw2.c b/src/lib/exchange_api_withdraw2.c
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--- a/src/lib/exchange_api_withdraw2.c
+++ b/src/lib/exchange_api_withdraw2.c
@@ -347,11 +347,8 @@ handle_reserve_withdraw_finished (void *cls,
* same arguments in case of failures.
* @param exchange the exchange handle; the exchange must be ready to operate
- * @param pk kind of coin to create
- * @param reserve_sig signature from the reserve authorizing the withdrawal
- * @param reserve_pub public key of the reserve to withdraw from
- * @param ps secrets of the planchet
- * caller must have committed this value to disk before the call (with @a pk)
+ * @param pd planchet details of the planchet to withdraw
+ * @param reserve_priv private key of the reserve to withdraw from
* @param res_cb the callback to call when the final result for this request is available
* @param res_cb_cls closure for @a res_cb
* @return NULL